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Looking for a hot tub to relax in after a busy day? It can be hard to choose the right one. 

We make it easy! Whether you want a simple inflatable spa or a big tub for parties, we’ve looked at the best ones out there. 

We’ll help you find a great hot tub that fits your budget and has what you need.

Best hot tub reviews

Top Picks For 2024

We go through all the top makes every year to find out what’s new and improved. This is a fast-changing industry where one hot tub may be gone next year when better technology is released. Please choose from the options below and see what we like this year.


Lay Z Spa

This is our selection of the
Best Lay Z Spa for 2024



This is our selection of the Best Intex Hot Tub for 2024



This is our selection of the
Best MSPA Hot Tub for 2024

Hot Tub Comparisons

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> Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi
> Lay Z Spa vs Intex
> Lay Z Spa vs Wave Spa
> Airjet vs Hydrojet Lazy Spa
> Intex vs CosySpa

Advice & FAQ's

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> How Does An Inflatable Hot Tub Work
> Can Babies Go in Hot Tubs


Lay Z Spa Comparison

Finding the perfect hot tub can be tricky with so many choices. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you! 

Whether you need a cozy, inflatable spa or a big hot tub for fun gatherings, we’ve explored the best options for you. 

Let us help you pick a hot tub that’s just right for your budget and needs.

Lay Z Spa

Explore our curated collection of Lay Z Spa hot tubs, accompanied by insightful reviews from our team. As a top hot tub brand in the UK, Lay Z Spa offers options worth considering for your next purchase. Our reviews aim to assist you in selecting the ideal Lay Z Spa for your relaxation needs.
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