Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Easily Improve Your Hot Tub Experience

Friends In an Inflatable Hot Tub

Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Easily Improve Your Hot Tub Experience

Enjoy the best accesories in your hot tub

So, you have invested your hard earned cash in a new inflatable hot tub, and now you want to make the most out of it. Your tub gives you endless pleasure; massages your aching muscles, brings your family together, and soothes away the stresses of the day. But you have a niggling feeling that it could be even better . This is where I come in. Below you will find a selection of the Best accesories for Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tubs and make it the envy of the entire neighbourhood. From drinks holders, to sound systems, these are mod-cons that will enhance your spa-ing experience and make you never want to leave the warm bubbling water ever again. Be prepared, the following will make you look at your tub with a developers eye; you will be staring at it, envisioning all that it could become and you will no longer be satisfied with the bare bones. These additions do come at a cost, but trust me when I say that they will be worth it!


Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Drinks Holders

Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Inflatable Floating Bar

Now I know that I am not the only one that likes to have an alcoholic beverage while immersed in hot bubbling water. Who doesn’t? The problem is that it can become quite tedious, even painful, having to constantly hold your hand high enough to avoid spillages and a warm drink (especially if you are classing it up with a bottle of sparkling wine). With a drinks holder this is a problem for the lesser mortals. You can have a sip, put it down at your leisure, and fully immerse yourself in the tub to enjoy your buzz. Some manufacturers make drinks holders for specific tubs, and this can avoid unnecessary fuss finding one that is suitable for you. Otherwise, there are lots of stand alone companies that sell these items and they are pretty easy to set up. Obviously, it’s important to check the specification and dimensions of the product before you buy, so that you can be sure it’s going to work for you. Drink happy in the knowledge that you will not be swimming in beer-infused-water and treat yourself to a drinks holder. This model here is definitely worth it.


Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Underwater LED Disco

Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Underwater LED Disco

Yes, that’s right. This is a thing. And it is AWESOME. There are some fab companies out there that have come up with the ingenious idea of turning tubs into rave magnets. After having tried lots of models we can confidently say that this one here is our favoourite, and we can find it in Amazon. It is perfect for those of you that like to have some friends over, play some tunes, and get the water swirling. It also serves the practical purposes of giving you some light for those night time dips and stopping your guests taking advantage of the darkness to strip down to their birthday suits. Ok, that last one might not be a practical purpose, but it certainly can be useful.


Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Waterproof Speakers

Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Waterproof Outdoor Speaker

This may not be at the top of everyone’s list, but if you like to party, or if your partner has a fondness for romantic songs of the ‘Boys To Men’ variety, an outdoor music system will be a Godsend. You can get any type of party started, whether it is the drinking and dancing type, or one of a more personal description, with the right music. Throw in some scented candles, or some disco lights, and you are away. You’re welcome.

This Anker speaker is our selection of the best Waterproof Speakers for using with you hot tub. You won´t regret buying this one.


Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Waterproof Board Games

Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Waterproof UNO boardgame

These are quite simply, great. Not only do you have the fun of playing one of your favourite games, but you can also splash your opponents. Don’t tell me that water and board games don’t mix; I have a big smile on my face following a knock-out victory of waterproof UNO that will prove you wrong. There are even waterproof versions of that ever popular drinking game ‘Ring of Fire’ available, so you can play with fire, in a ring, of water. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.


Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Smelly things

Best Accesories for Lay Z Spa: Hot Tub Fragrances

I call them ‘Smelly things’ for want of a better name, as I am including in this category anything from scented candles to bath salts to rose petals. If you are a romantic, or better yet, your partner is a romantic, these will really help turn up the ‘heat’, without actually turning up the heat (of the tub). Think how happy she will be to come downstairs in her robe, strip off and get into a tub suffused with essence of vanilla. Take it a step further with a nicely chilled bottle of pink champagne, and the job is a good-un. These accessories are so cheap, and the pay-out can be massive. Your partner, if she could read this, would be telling you to buy them. Now.


Author’s note

There are endless ways that you can spruce up your inflatable tub, it all depends on how far you are willing to go. This list is by no means exhaustive, and there is a lot that you can achieve if you have the passion to make your tub the center of your home. (I personally would love to have a projector set up so that I can watch my favourite chick-flicks on the side of my shed.) Your guests won’t look down on you for not having these accessories as part of your armory, but they will definitely, 100%, be coming over more if you DO have them. It’s up to you; do you want your tub to have a social impact, do you want people, 100 years from now, to look back and say “Oh do you remember all the fun that we used to have over [insert your name]’s house, back when he had that inflatable tub?” If your answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘Maybe’ or even ‘Really, 100 years, what is this person talking about?’ then I would strongly advise you go into your garden, and start getting your tub kitted out. It’s not even really about the people that will be sharing your tub with you. Just think, you could be sitting in your tub, listening to classical music, with a drink in your hand, playing a solitary game of waterproof solitaire. Now, doesn’t that sound fantastic!

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