Indoor Spas: 8 Things You Should Consider

Indoor Spa

Indoor Spas: 8 Things You Should Consider

Indoor Spa

Thinking about getting an indoor spa? That’s a fantastic idea! An indoor hot tub can turn your home into a private retreat, perfect for those cozy, relaxing moments. But before you start dreaming of your blissful soaks, there are a few key things you should think about. Installing a hot tub indoors isn’t just about picking a spot and filling it with water; it needs a bit more planning. Don’t worry, though – we’re here to guide you through the 8 essential things to consider, ensuring your indoor spa dream becomes a reality without a hitch!

1. Getting It Inside

First things first, how are you going to get that beautiful spa inside your house? It’s not like you can just magic it into the room! You might need to consider doors, hallways, or even building a new space. Make sure you’ve got a solid plan for this – it’s the first big step in making your indoor spa dreams come true.

2. Picking the Right Tub

Not all hot tubs are created equal, especially when it comes to indoor use. Think about the size, shape, weight, and power needs. You want a spa that fits perfectly in your space and doesn’t ask for more than your home can give in terms of power supply. Choose wisely!

3. Finding the Perfect Spot

Location, location, location! Where you put your hot tub in the room makes a big difference. Do you want it tucked away in a corner for a cozy vibe, or right in the center for that wow factor? Think about how it’ll change the room’s look and feel.

4. Ventilation is Key

Hot tubs love to steam things up, which is great for you, not so much for your room. Without proper ventilation, you might end up with a mini rainforest or some unwanted smells. Adding an extraction fan or using windows can keep the air fresh and your spa room comfortable.

5. Wall Talk

Moisture and regular walls don’t mix well. You don’t want your relaxing spa time to turn into a wall repair project. Water-resistant materials are your friends here. Think about using the same kind of stuff you’d use in a bathroom or kitchen to keep those walls happy.

6. Ceiling Height Matters

Ever thought about how high your ceilings are? Well, now’s the time! Your hot tub cover needs some room to move, and low ceilings can make that tricky. Make sure you’ve got enough space above for easy, hassle-free cover lifting.

7. Water Source Wisdom

Refilling your spa shouldn’t be a workout. Plan how you’ll get water in there. Is there a nearby hose or faucet you can use? Easy access to water means less hassle for you and more time enjoying those bubbles.

8. Floor and Drainage Savvy

Spills and splashes are part of the hot tub fun, but your floors might not agree. Water-resistant flooring and a good drainage system will save you from slip-and-slide accidents and protect your floors from water damage. Safety and practicality – check!


An indoor hot tub is like having your own personal spa oasis, but getting there takes a bit of planning and thought. From figuring out how to get the tub inside to ensuring your room can handle the steamy spa life, each of these 8 considerations is a step toward creating the perfect indoor relaxation space. Imagine soaking away your stress, rain or shine, in the privacy and comfort of your own home – that’s what an indoor spa can offer. With a little preparation, you can make it happen. Get ready to dive into your indoor hot tub journey!

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