Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Intex Purespa Jet and Bubble Inflatable Hot Tub

Intex PureSpa Round SizeWe review a lot of inflatable hot tubs, but not many of them are deluxe models like this one. The Intex Purespa inflatable jet and bubble hot tub is just that: luxurious. It is easy on the eye, of solid construction, and can fit 4 people easily. It comes with a ton of other features that make it an attractive alternative to a Lay-Z-Spa model.

We put it to the test using our cleverly devised categories and one family of four. Let’s see how this hot tub stacks up against others of its ilk. Let’s start with the basics, though. We can’t build an understanding without a full description of what it is you are getting yourself in to.

Should you buy an Inflatable Hot Tub?

There is a growing market for people who want to improve their home. Recent world events have proven that our homes are our castle. If we are spending a lot of time in them, we ought to make them as spiffing as we possibly can. This extends to luxury items that make you want to rush home at night and dip your toe in… just like an inflatable hot tub or home spa system.

There is no denying that a home hot tub of any variant is a luxury purchase. It can be used for health reasons, yes, but it is still a luxury object that isn’t essential for day-to-day life. We all know that just because something isn’t essential doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. Take wine, for instance, or toys for the younger readers. All things that are fun to do tend to be optional extras in life.

An inflatable hot tub is fun. You get to ramp up your social life. You can invite your whole family over or share it with your couple friends. The kids can come in it, and it makes any BBQ or backyard evening better all round. A regular hot tub costs you thousands of pounds – whereas the inflatable option is a sound investment for those that want to save a little. Better yet, if you suffer from Fibromyalgia, arthritis, or if you are an athlete with regular muscle damage, the home hot tub encourages you to soak it all away.

The downsides? An inflatable hot tub costs you in water and electricity. They aren’t much to run, a few pence a day. They need an air filter which gets replaced once every three months and that should be rinsed after every use, and that’s about it. You really shouldn’t let kids play in them unsupervised as they can be quite deep and a little hot for young skin.

When you are way the perks of an inflatable hot tub against the drawbacks, the perks always come out on top. We can prove it…

The Perks:

  • It adds an extra room to your home when placed outside.
  • It’s fun and luxurious.
  • It is something to rush home to.
  • The whole family benefits from it.
  • It has therapeutic pluses.
  • It relieves stress.
  • It’s portable.
  • It’s indoor and outdoor friendly.
  • They make your neighbours jealous.
  • They are great for social evenings.

The Drawbacks:

  • They aren’t free.
  • You need to fill them up with water.
  • You must clean it.

As you can see, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks to buying an inflatable hot tub for your home. On the other hand, there is only one way to truly find out.

The Quick Overview of the Intex Purespa Inflatable Hot Tub

For those in a hurry, here are the at-a-glance takeaways of this whole article.

Pros of the intex Purespa:

  • This hot tub holds 4 fully grown adults.
  • It heats to a maximum of 40 degrees centigrade.
  • It is an extra-sturdy build, with thicker than standard walls for better durability.
  • It comes in an astute black with a lighter beige inner liner.
  • 120 massaging airjets blasting you with reassuring pressure.
  • Fiber-Tech construction for a super-comfortable, supported feel.
  • 3 ply material with puncture resistance.
  • User friendly interface with simple guided setup.
  • Plenty of online videos and guides.
  • Holds 795 litres.
  • Indoor or outdoor use.
  • Heats at about 2 degrees an hour – quicker than similar models by other brands.

Cons of the Intex Purespa:

  • Not suitable for children under 36 months of age.
  • Can’t use bubbles and heat at the same time.
  • Costs electricity and water to run.
  • You should really stow it away in minus temperatures.

What you get in the Intex Purespa Box

We like to kick off each of our in-depth inflatable hot tub reviews by summarising exactly what it is that you get in the box when you order it. Here are the components that should arrive in the box within a week or so of you ordering your Intex Purespa inflatable hot tub.

The Liners

The Intex Purespa comes with an outer and an inner liner. The outer liner is a dark brown to black colour. This looks good outdoors in the garden and looks slimming indoors, so it doesn’t seem like it is taking up the whole room.

That inner liner is a lighter colour, coming in a creamy beige. The idea of the lighter colour is to make the hot tub brighter and cleaner. The point of it being off-white is so that it disguises dirt, should there be any.

Filter Cartridges

Which brings us to the second item in the box: the air filters. They usually supply one or two gratis with a purchase so that you can get started immediately. The air filtration system is where the water passes through the airjet pumps to provide you with all those lovely bubbles.
You don’t want to get those pumps blocked up with any dirt or debris, and so the air filters are used to capture it. Rinse them out after you use your hot tub and replace them at the end of every summer season.

The Heater/Air Pump

The technological part of this inflatable hot tub is in the heater and air pump section. This comes in one unit, that has the controls on an LCD display screen on top. They are placed here very deliberately, so that they are as far away from the water as possible.

The heater and air pump will help you to inflate the hot tub, so you don’t need to blow it up. This is a big worry for many people who want to buy a home hot tub but are put off in case they must inflate it themselves. Don’t panic! You can turn on the airjets and it will inflate your liners. You just need to make sure that it is correctly connected before you do so.

For safety reasons, the heat and air cannot come on at the same time. Be sure that you switch the pump to air/blow and not heat on setup!

The Lids and Covers

As usual, the Intex Purespa inflatable hot tub comes with two types of lid. The first, an inflatable lid which can be kept on top for short periods of time. If you are bathing in your hot tub and you need to nip in for a cocktail top up, for example, this inflatable lid will keep the heat in – and the kids out – until you come back.

If, however, you are done for the night and you have young family members, you might want to use the whole cover. The triple ply fabric that forms the cover is completely waterproof and will help keep that heat in when you are out through the day. Better than this, it comes with four clasps which buckle down that cover so it can’t blow away in a high wind.

When you use both lids at once, it improves both the thermal properties of the hot tub (it holds the heat better), but also the safety of the tub.

The Chlorine Dispenser and Granules

This tub comes with a chlorine dispenser although there is a salt hot tub version available on the market. A salted hot tub runs on salt granules to neutralise harmful bacteria in the water. The deluxe version of this Intex Purespa hot tub comes with a chlorine dispensing unit and a PH testing strip. You even get some chlorine granules in the box to start you off.

The Box Contains Everything You Need to Get Started!

When they say that they include everything you need to get started inside the Intex Purespa four-person Deluxe inflatable hot tub box – they aren’t kidding. The only thing they haven’t included is the time you spend waiting for it to heat up.

A Bit About the Intex Purespa Brand

Intex corps are a company with an impressive half-a-century of experience behind them. They make everything to do with recreation, including outdoor pools, airbeds, above ground pools, spas, toys, furniture – and even boats. When it comes to poolside recreation, they have covered every angle in waterproof fabric and classic colour combinations.

For the last decade, Intex have been deliberately focusing on lowering the firm’s carbon imprint. They are forward-focused and innovative in this department. Their hot tubs aim to heat faster and use less energy than others. They perform among the top ten suppliers for inflatable hot tubs that are available here in the UK.

Safety, fun, and providing high quality items at affordable prices, are the moral values behind this firm. They are reducing fossil fuel use, one hot tub at a time. Their first product was an inflatable beach ball, all the way back in the 60s. They began building pools and hot tubs in the late nineties and have established themselves as a leader in quality and excellence in the inflatables industry.

Intex home hot tubs are dignified, reliable, and come with excellent customer service. They are such a large firm that they come with the reassurance of ongoing support if you need it. Best of all, the products they make have been known to last for years. If we were going to take a chance on a non-mainstream inflatable hot tub for our UK house, we would be delighted to give their products a go… so we did.

How to Setup your Home Hot Tub?

Our hot tub testing guinea pig setup the Intex Deluxe Jet and Bubble hot tub in his garden initially. Later, he switched it to his garage in order to benefit from warmer air in the winter. The bubbles blow the air from outside the hot tub without heating it, so the air outside is the air inside. This tub is best brought indoors in winter as a result.

When your hot tub arrives, it will be sealed in a box, with the separate components divided neatly and labelled. You should have a separate I-Beam base which will support the model, the inner and outer liners, and the heat/air pump as the biggest parts. The kit should also contain a ground sheet, which adds a further layer of protection between the hot tub and the ground. Remove any debris from the area you want to set up the hot tub in, and then lay the ground sheet out.

When ready, connect the parts together by using the instructions. Some sets come with an instructional DVD, but our reviewer didn’t report one here. Once connected, turn on the air and let the hot tub inflate. This should take no more than a half hour. One reviewer noted a 45-minute setup from uninflated to filled with water and heating up.

Once it is fully inflated you can start to fill the hot tub with water. Only switch the air off and the heat on when you have fully filled the pool.

All reviewers questioned and researched mentioned the Intex Purespa took less than the prescribed 12 hours to heat fully.

Features included in the Intex Purespa

The Intex Purespa comes with several features as standard. For example, it holds four people and there is no negotiating this fact. Similarly, the colour choice is limited to the dark brown and beige scheme.

While all these features please us (because luxury should be a standard for everyone in life), we can’t help but wonder what features set this inflatable hot tub apart from all the others. Let’s review the standout features and why the Intex Purespa Deluxe Jet & Spa hot tub pops out at you from the crowd.

Standout Features of the Deluxe Intex Purespa Include:

  1. That 40-degree heat is exceptional. There are few hot tub providers on the market that heat hotter than this.
  2. The clip-down cover duo allows for completely safe storage when your hot tub is not in use. Kids can’t get into it by accident.
  3. The Intex is thicker than other models of hot tub. The thicker it is, the less likely to puncture. It’s also much cosier if you are sitting or standing on the floor as there’s more cushioning.
  4. There are 120 bubble producing jets of air in this model and that’s more than enough.
  5. The speed of the heating system – although other firms boast patented heating systems with fancy names, the Intex Purespa doesn’t. Even without it, it still manages to heat up at about 2 degrees per hour. The industry standard is around 1.5 degrees an hour, making this a true stand out attraction.
  6. There’s a salt model – there is a choice when you buy the deluxe intex purespa model… and that’s between a chlorine pool or a salt pool. Salt pools don’t have the chlorine fixture and make cleaning chemicals out of the salt. This results in a hot tub that is a lot cheaper to run in the long term.
  7. Fantastic build quality – that thickness allows for a sturdier model, all round. It also relies on the I-beam construction. Our reviewer managed to put the whole dog in the hot tub and get him back out again, without any leaks or spills. That’s seriously impressive in the hot tub world.

A Buyer’s Guide for the Intex Purespa – the Benchmark

You can use this section to judge the Intex Purespa against the other inflatable hot tubs that we have in our collection. We have examined everything from dimensions to portability, so you can browse through all our articles and easily find the right inflatable hot tub for you.


The Intex Purespa hot tub is 80.5 cm long, 56.5 cm high and 52.4 cm deep. Be aware that this is a big hot tub for four people. The added thickness of the Fibertech construction that makes the liners so dense, also adds to the bulk. Keep in mind that it needs plenty of air flowing around it, so if using it indoors, you will need a big enough room to provide this.

The unit weights 44.23 kg when not inflated or filled with water. This means you will need to make sure you have someone with you to help you set it up. You might even need to employ two able bodied neighbours or family members to do it for you.

The Intex Purespa deluxe model holds a full 795 litres of water. While this is a fantastic volume of water, it weighs about the same in kilograms. If you don’t have a reinforced flooring, or if you want to put your hot tub on the second floor, you may need to make doubly sure it won’t collapse!

Colour Choice

The Deluxe Intex Purespa 4-person hot tub is a lovely dark brown to black on the outside. This helps it to blend in nicely with all surroundings. If you want to keep it outside, this model will blend in with the trees and garden. If you want to put it indoors, on the other hand, it will look great in most rooms.

The inner colour is that light beige. This keeps most of the small dirt hidden and still looks as fresh and as clean as any pool should. You have the chlorine system anyway, or the salt dispersal system, that ought to help keep it clean. Also, those filters will keep most of the dirt out of your hot tub if you keep rinsing them out every few uses.

Indoor Vs Outdoor

The Intex Purespa hot tub for your home can be used either indoors or outdoors. It is tough enough that it will last in most weathers, but you should keep a home hot tub out of freezing conditions. When the temperature starts to drop below freezing, empty your inflatable hot tub and stow it away for future use. To do this, you have the option of leaving it inflated. You can secure the covers and lid to do so, then stash it in a garage or shed.

If you are struggling for space, simply deflate the entire thing and put it away. It only takes ten minutes to blow back up again once the pump is turned on, so you don’t lose that much time.

Digital Controls

The digital control panel for the Intex Purespa is simple to operate. It is located on the top of the pump so that it is far enough away from the water that it won’t short out. It controls the heat, the time the heat kicks in and out, and even the temperature. This means you don’t need to have a 40 hot tub all the time if you don’t want to.

Build and Durability

The Fiber-Tech construction we mentioned earlier is of Intex design. It is thicker than most hot tubs – even those with the triple layers of nylon. This thickness cushions and protects your hot tub, as well as preventing tears and holes being caused by the concrete.

Spa Features/Airjets

There are 100 bubbling jets on this hot tub model, each of which blasts air at your lower body and back. They are reportedly strong jets, good enough to give you a full-blown massage. They are powered from the air pump, which connects via tubing to the liners. 120 air jets are about 40 jets more than we would expect for other 4-person hot tubs, so this is incredibly luxurious.

As with most hot tubs, you won’t be able to heat this hot tub while the bubbles are turned on. To this end, you do have to switch between them if you are in for a long evening.

Safety Features

The top lid clips into place and fastens in four places. When it is set up and both lids are on, it would take a dedicated effort for any child to get in there. We love that they went to this extra step in order to keep the hot tub safe from little fingers and paws. We also love that heat setting. The Intex Purespa Deluxe will never get above that forty degrees mark. It simply cuts out instead of getting hotter.

This tub is also only usable by those over 36 months of age. You really do have to keep babies and toddlers away from it.

Warranties and Guarantees

The Intex Purespa Deluxe four-person hot tub comes with a twelve-month warranty on parts and use. If you are being reasonable with it and it still breaks, they will repair or replace it for you. Be warned that hot tubs that need repairs or replacements outside of that twelve-month period will need to be paid for.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often hear the same questions regarding the Intex Purespa inflatable hot tub. As such, we have tried to pre-emptively answer them for you. Check below to see if we have already answered your question before you get in touch regarding the Intex Purespa Deluxe.

Q) Can the Intex Purespa Deluxe hold more than four people?

A) Four people is really the maximum this tub can hold. That’s four adults, though. If you have three small children, it ought to be enough for all of you. Remember, children under 36 months should not use this hot tub.

Q) How noisy is the Intex Deluxe?

A) Consumers report that it is a quiet running model unless there is something wrong with it. Of all the reviews we studied, the only people who said it was a noisy pump later reported having to switch that pump. Keep in mind this is two people out of more than a hundred. With odds like that it’s a chance you can’t afford to miss.

What Customers Liked about the Intex Purespa Inflatable Tub

Continuing with the theme of what customers said about the product, we did some further research. We scoured the internet for all the reviews we could find to see what customers unanimously liked about this product. Here’s what kept popping up…

The Communication

From the point of ordering until the point of delivery, consumers reported that the process was smooth and simple. Any delays were quickly dealt with – but they were contacted and kept up-to-speed with them.

The Quiet Running

As we mentioned before, the only people we came across who said the motor ran noisily were those who later had the model replaced. In both instances, the clients had repairs made within warranty, with one even having a full replacement at no cost.

The Contents

Clients reported that everything inside the box was in good order. Better yet, that they were brought everything they needed to get started properly, right there and then. They only had to add water and electricity for a great hot tub.

The Speed

This tub heats up at about 2 degrees per hour. Most other hot tubs of a similar price range cover a 1.5-degree heat increase per hour. This makes the heat speed one of the best in this price bracket.

The Affordability

One customer claimed it must be the best in this price range.

The Quality

Users reported exemplary build quality that is made to last. Alongside quick service and delivery, this was the most frequently mentioned comment.

What Customers Didn’t Like about the Intex Purespa Inflatable Tub

Just as there were components that made customers love the Intex Purespa Deluxe inflatable hot tub, there were also reasons they mentioned not liking it.

The Socket

True story – this hot tub sells in Europe a lot (or did before Brexit). One recurring comment was that the plug socket is a UK one, not an EU one.

The jets/heat combo

If you are desperate for a hot tub that can heat as it blows, this isn’t it. While this is a downside, it is a downside shared by about 90% of the home hot tub market. You need to switch between heat and jets, meaning if you have it on for long periods you risk losing heat.

The Cleaning

Nobody enjoys cleaning out an inflatable hot tub. If you keep the chlorine or salt level topped up, you should need less. You should also really rinse that air filter out every time you use the hot tub to avoid having to replace them constantly.

Our Verdict on the Intex Purespa

We feel like we have attempted to do some justice to an essentially luxury item. The inflatable hot tub is a great addition to any home, especially those that can’t afford to splash out thousands to have a hot tub room built into their house. The Intex Purespa isn’t just a luxury item, though. It goes above and beyond other inflatable hot tubs of a similar structure and price, to create something highly luxurious.

If you have a small or young family, or even if you are a couple thinking of entertaining friends now and again, this model is fantastic. The Intex Purespa is exactly the right size for you and should last you for a good long time. What’s our verdict? It’s as good as any other and better than most.

And a hot tub will change your life. You should try it.

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