Is it Worth Buying a Lay Z Spa Dome? – Definitely!

Budget Lay Z Spa Dome

We all enjoy our infltable hot tub and so we want to tale good care of it. Here is where the importance of a good Lay Z Spa Dome comes in. Lay Z Spa hold more than a hundred different patents for inflatable hot tubs. Not only that, but they have been market leaders in this sector since the nineties. With so much experience in the industry, we expect great things from them every time we sit down to write up a review. Lay Z Spa are a big brand with big ambitions… so let’s see how a Lay Z Spa dome helps out.

The Benefits of Buying a Lay Z Spa Dome for your Inflatable Hot Tub

Before we begin, let’s answer the number one question on everyone’s minds: what’s a hot tub enclosure and why on earth do you need one?

The Lay-Z-Spa Enclosure is exactly what it sounds like: it’s an enclosure that you can put up in your garden so that your inflatable hot tub has a roof. Essentially, the Enclosure is like a giant tent, high enough to cover the hot tub while you are in it.

Why do you need the Enclosure? Anyone who has experience of owning their own outdoor or inflatable (portable) hot tub, knows how difficult it is to keep clean. When too much dirt and debris get into the water it can clog the air pump or make for an unpleasant spa experience. We all know that they are hard to keep the debris out of, that you need to wash the filter regularly, and that no matter what you do – somehow you always end up having to change the water.

The idea of the Enclosure is that you put it up over your hot tub when it is situated outdoors. This means that less debris gets into it in the first place, stopping it form getting dirty. It also means you can go in your hot tub in the rain, hail, or snow if you want to. You have the added bonus of it acting as a wind breaker and of it keeping bugs out of your hot tub.

We could go a step further and say it can be protective, too. When a lone woman owns a hot tub and she has men living on either side of her, she might not be comfortable walking outside in her swimwear – or vice versa. Either way, the Enclosure gives you some space to disguise your hot tub, cover you while you bathe, and keep you away from prying eyes.

What are the downsides of having a Lay Z Spa Dome? Tents can be frustrating to erect, and you need to pay for it. What it all comes down to, is how much you are willing to pay for your privacy?

The Pros of a Lay Z Spa Dome for your Inflatable Hot Tub:

  • Private area that can add a room to your garden without you having to build one.
  • The Enclosure keeps dirt, dust, and debris, out of your hot tub.
  • It keeps you from being swarmed by gnats and other bugs.
  • It acts as a windbreaker.
  • Your Lay Z Spa Dome for your hot tub stops you getting sunburned.
  • Let’s you use your inflatable hot tub in all weathers.

The Cons of an Inflatable Hot Tub Enclosure:

  • You have to buy it separately.
  • Tents sometimes blow away in high winds if they are not secured properly.
  • It might not blend in with your garden colour scape.
  • You may need to set time aside to set it up.

A Quick Overview of the Lay-Z-Spa Enclosure Inflatable Hot Tub Tent

For those in a hurry, we broke the Lay Z Spa dome down into the good bits and the bad bits. If you are looking for the best hot tub tent information, we have it here and at-a-glance.

The Good Points:

  • Dome shaped enclosure with maximum height at the crown, which lets you stand up in the hot tub unencumbered.
  • It can be erected with minimum fuss.
  • Can be fully inflated in as little as 8 minutes.
  • Can be used as a gazebo as well as a hot tub tent.
  • Far cheaper than building a more permanent enclosure.
  • Comes with curtain sides for privacy, should you need it.
  • Fits a hot tub up to 3.8 metres in diameter.
  • Doubles as a shelter for paddling pools.
  • Pump for setup included in the price, along with a carry bag for easy storage and 24 pegs so you can pin it into place.
  • Duo layers – one a durable outer polyester, the other is a fine mesh to keep off insects.
  • Gives better heat efficiency to your hot tub.

The Bad Points:

  • The Lay-Z-Spa Gazebo is bulky and hard to manoeuvre either before or after erection.
  • There are two layers, but it isn’t fully waterproof. It will keep a light rain out but will eventually become saturated.
  • It won’t stop you having to wash the filter every other use.
  • It’s not easy to deflate and put back in the carry bag.

What Comes in the Box?

When your Lay-Z-Spa Enclosure arrives, it will come with certain components stowed in the box beside it. Below, you will find the items that should be in the box when your Lay Z Spa Dome arrives.

The Outer lining

The outer lining of your enclosure hot tub is made from a highly durable polyester material. Provided you are not in an area of constant high winds or intense sunlight, this outer lining should last for years. This lining is a domed shape which is fully inflatable.

The Inner Lining

The inner lining of your hot tub enclosure from Lay-Z-Spa is made of a fine mesh which has been designed to keep insects away from your hot tub – and yourself. This material adds to the heat efficiency but not by much. It also isn’t waterproof, although the outer layer is to some degree.

The Carry Bag

Rather than a box, your Lay-Z-Spa Enclosure should arrive in a carry bag. This carry bag has two handles, fits the enclosure perfectly, and somewhat resembles the bag for a family sized tend.

The Poles

The poles help to contribute to the sturdy construction of the hot tub enclosure, but you may struggle to put them in. Although it comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a pump, it can still be tricky for those not used to erecting tents. The poles slide into the fabric so that they are encased in it, rather than attaching via clip or running on the outside. This adds to the durability, particularly if the wind catches it.

The Pegs and Lines

It wouldn’t be a true tent if it didn’t come with lines and pegs so you could pin it to the ground. These will stop it from blowing away in bad weather, keep it in place if it gets knocked around, and might even stop it from being stolen if your garden isn’t enclosed.

A Quick History of Lay Z Spa

Lay-Z-Spa are one of the biggest names in the inflatable hot tub market. In fact, they are so big that they are considered to be industry leaders. They have been designing inflatable hot tubs for home use since the mid-nineties, giving them plenty of time to get to grips with the whole hot tub scene. The chances are that you browsed through Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs when you were looking for an inflatable model for your home, already.

The name of Lay Z Spa has become synonymous with the inflatable hot tub. Although they started off as a child of the Bestway brand, they have grown to have factories on every continent. If you call them for customer support, you can rest assured that they will have at least one factory and one call centre in your country. With Lay Z Spa, you can always get the help you need, from people who live relatively nearby.

Although Bestway set this firm up to deal specifically with inflatable outdoor leisure goods, Lay Z Spa have become an enigma all of their own. They represent around a third of the UK and European inflatable hot tub market, so if you see a home hot tub in a garden in the UK, it’s probably come from them.

They have countless four- and five-star reviews on Amazon with others being updated and improved after the complainant spoke with the UK-based customer support team. In some cases, reviewers were awarded whole new Domes or hot tubs because their models were faulty. No other inflatable hot tub firm is able to offer this level of commitment to their clients. They also have tons of different Inflatable Hot Tub models, each one covering different user needs. You can take a look at the article we made, Lay Z Spa Range Comparison – What are the Differences? to understand better the Lay Z Spa range.

If you are looking for a reliably built hot tub model, with all the accessories you could want as optional add-ons, then anything by Lay Z Spa will last you for years to come. The Lay Z Spa Dome is no different. It does absolutely everything you could want and more, with other uses possible even if you don’t have the hot tub to go underneath it.

But that’s enough about the brand behind the idea, let’s return to the product and have a closer look.

The Setup of your Inflatable Hot Tub Dome

Lay Z Spa DomeIdeally, you will want to set up your inflatable hot tub Enclosure before you unpack and set up your hot tub… but we know that’s not always possible. Many of us bought the hot tub first, then came back later to add on the enclosure part. We know exactly how it feels to set up the Lay Z Spa Dome around the hot tub and as a result, can advise that this is a two plus person job. Don’t do it alone.

Once you have someone to help you, chose the area of the garden you want to erect it and start unpacking the bag. You may wish to remove any garden debris before you try to put it up, just to make sure there aren’t any sharp stones or other debris likely to tear the polyester.

Once you have a cleared space and an unzipped bag, you can start to put it up. Note: when you do put it up around your hot tub, it is best erected beside the hot tub then moved above it once it is inflated. This is why we say it needs two or more people to manoeuvre.

Inside the bag you should find your instructions, poles, pegs, ropes, pump, and liners. Select the outer lining and your pump, then fit your poles together and place them in the required slots. Next, follow the instructions to fully inflate the hot tub enclosure. Once this is done, manoeuvre it above your pool and peg it into place. There should be pegs around the bottom and the ropes ought to attach to the outer liner.

Once you have fully pumped up your hot tub enclosure, keep the extra pegs, ropes, the pump and any other parts not in use, within the bag before you stow it away. Lastly, clip the inner liner up and decide what your curtain arrangement will be. Your enclosure should now be fully set up and ready to use.

Features that come with the Enclosure

There are certain features that make the Lay Z Spa Dome better than other models of a similar nature. Similarly, there are those features that come as standard. Some of the standard features include the blue colour, the zip-up curtains and the polyester make. However, not all features are created equal.

Standout Features of the Lay Z Spa Dome include:

  • TriTech Polyester Fabric – which is a patent of Lay-Z-Spa’s own design. This patent is for a triple ply fabric that makes for a dense, durable, somewhat heavy model of enclosure.
  • Stands nearly four meters by three metres wide.
  • Can be set up on any surface – as long as it is flat.
  • 15-minute setup time, even for those who have never done it before.
  • Detachable fabric and mesh doors and curtains for privacy from neighbours.
  • Wind breaking protection from the elements.
  • Inner mosquito netting prevents bugs in the tub.

The Buyer’s Guide for the Lay Z Spa Dome

In this section, you will be able to compare the Lay-Z-Spa enclosure with other models of as similar nature that have been reviewed on our site.

Dimensions of the Product

This enclosure is 12’9” by 12’9” in length. It is 2.55m tall and 3.90 metres at its shortest point across. It should be big enough to cover any 2–4-person hot tub without difficulty. Any tub up to three metres in diameter should fit in without problems. If you have a larger hot tub for 5 or more people, you will need a larger enclosure.


The Lay-Z-Spa Enclosure comes in one colour choice only. It is a tan to beige colour in block form with a strong dark blue. This gives a professional finish that echoes most of the light and dark blue Lay-z-spa hot tub models out there.

Indoor or Outdoor Use?

The hot tub gazebo is suitable for outdoor use. There’s nothing to stop you using it indoors, but it defeats the purpose to do so.

Size and Shape

As we mentioned in the dimensions section, this enclosure can safely fit a bot tub that is three metres in diameter, but the actual measurement of hot tub that it can hold is 3.66 metres in diameter. You should be aware that this is a dome shaped tent, not unlike the dome tents you might see on an expensive camping site. They are fairly large, durable, sturdy numbers that you could camp in on dry days.


This is a hard-wearing model that should live up to a fair amount of wind force. We note that it is waterproof to a point, in a light rain it would keep you from getting dowsed, however, a heavy and persistent rain would eventually get through.

Keep in mind that it isn’t a real tent. You aren’t going to be out in the countryside camping with nothing but this over your head to keep you warm and dry. As such, it makes a great garden feature that will keep the dirt and debris out of your pool. Let’s face it… if it rains while you are in the hot tub you aren’t going to get any wetter than you already are.

Extra Features

We love the fly netting on the inside that lets you sit inside without being bugged by the bugs. We also like the detachable curtains on this model, so you can open it up on sunnier days or days when you know your neighbours aren’t watching.

Let’s not forget that this model of enclosure has 24 pegs, which is about 12 extras, and its own pockets for ease of storage for things like suntan lotion, glasses, and nightlights if you are so inclined.

The BEST Lay Z Spa Dome Alternatives

In a Budget – £40

Budget Lay Z Spa Dome

If you are looking for a Lay Z Spa Dome, but you have a tight budget, this could be your solution. This Lay Z Spa Dome covers half of your hot tub resulting in a much smaller dome while still offering a lot of privacy. You can find it in Amazon.


Best of the best – £399

                                                                 Lay Z Spa Dome- Best of the best

If what you are used to is the ebst of the best, and that is the least that you are looking for, this is your definitive Lay Z Spa Dome. There is no need to search more. This is definitely the best dome in the market and you can find it in Amazon for £399 , the best of the best has always a price I guess…


Frequently Asked Questions about the Lay Z Spa Dome

We have reserved this section for the Frequently Asked Questions we often hear about the Lay Z Spa Dome. Please check this section for answers before you contact us. We may have already covered your question, below.

Q) Is the Enclosure big enough to cover my Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub?

A) Yes, Lay-Z-Spa say it can cover all models that they make. Be sure to double check if your hot tub is five man or larger just to be on the safe side. If your home hot tub is less than 3.66 metres in diameter then it will fit.

Q) Can I fit another brand of hot tub in the Lay Z Spa dome?

A) It is possible to do so. Check the dimensions carefully in our dimensions section above before you go ahead and order it.

Q) Is it Weatherproof?

A) Yes and no, it will eventually disintegrate if left in burning sunshine, but it will take years to do so. It is tri-tech fabric, making it more durable than most types of outdoor gazebo for your hot tub. That being said, if you live in an area of extreme weather conditions, you need an extreme hot tub enclosure, and this probably isn’t it. In normal conditions, expect it to last for years.

What Customers Like about the Lay Z Spa Enclosure?

There were certain things that consumers in other reviews found they really enjoyed about this product. Similarly, there are those things they didn’t enjoy so much. Let’s start with the good…

The Space

Once reviewer commented that she could have fit three of her hot tubs inside the enclosure. This Lay-z-spa gazebo has been built with great attention to the amount of space available. You should have plenty of headroom even if you are 6 feet tall.

The Shade

It’s brilliant to be able to whip this out to cover your hot tub in a maximum of fifteen minutes. It takes slightly longer to take down, but this is due to deflating it. If you have a dedicated storage space for it, the fast shade on hot days is wonderful.

The Versatility

Some users keep the gazebo up in the garden even when the hot tub is gone. Some use it to shelter children from the harsh sun while they play, some use it for semi-safe storage… The list goes on and on.

The Insect Guard

One or two reviewers reported it was perfect for keeping the bugs out. In particular, it is ideal for keeping the midges away if you live in the north.

The Size

This is bigger than you think it is going to be. Many users were wowed with the size and didn’t expect it to be so big. At least one reviewer had to return the item because, at nearly three metres tall and four metres wide, they hadn’t the space for it.

The Durability

Reviewers report that it is very well made. The durability extends to the poles, the patented fabric blend, and the detachable nature of the curtains. Users reported no issues whatsoever with the fly screens and actually appreciated the extra touch.

The Pockets

Everyone loves extra pockets. To put them on the inside of a hot tub enclosure is genius. You can keep a few basic supplies out there so that you always have water, snacks, or something to read to hand. Of course, we don’t recommend keeping your valuables outside.

What Customers Disliked about the Lay Z Spa Dome?

Just as they liked various aspects of this design, customers disliked other parts. Here are the things that reviewers didn’t enjoy as much about the Lay Z Spa Dome…

The Wind

This inflatable hot tub gazebo has a tendency to be caught by the wind when the curtains are open. Keep it weighed down and use the guy ropes and pegs to keep it in your garden. It is a tall, light structure. Although we can’t stop the wind, we can properly set up our hot tub enclosure.

The Weatherproofing

Again, as a result of wind and extreme weather conditions, some reviewers reported damage to this model of enclosure. It’s really down to common sense. If you see a hurricane coming you shouldn’t leave your tent up in it…

The Poles

The tent poles are carbon fibre and, when snapped, can release fibres into the hands. The only event that the hot tub gazebo would snap in is if you did it yourself – but that’s not the point. Broken carbon fibre robs are dangerous so if it happens to you, put gloves on before you gather them up to post them back.

The Setup

One or two users report that the setup was too fiddly for them. Given the included instructions, online video tutorials, and poles that come with it, we don’t know how much we agree. The most difficult part would be finding out where the strings attach to the pegs on the outside cover.

Our Verdict on the Lay Z Spa Dome

Having weighed and measured all of the above, we can safely say that the Lay Z Spa Dome inflatable hot tub gazebo is a long-lasting product, if you take it down in a storm. It is versatile, giving you numerous options and making a great extra space outdoors if you go camping often. It keeps the rain and wind off your back and lets you enjoy your inflatable hot tub, no matter the weather.

On the other hand, this gazebo for your hot tub might be too large for some. It only comes in one colour, it isn’t totally waterproof, and it might blow away in a high wind if you don’t tack it down properly.

Lay-z-spa are a good brand with an even better reputation. They have a UK call centre, should something go wrong with your purchase and they are usually quick to repair or replace. Would we buy one for ourselves? Yes, we would. We’d even let the kids play in it while mummy hits the gin… although not if the hot tub is set up under there.

If you need a gazebo, a play area, or want a room in the garden without building one, then this is the product for you. If you want to make sure your neighbours don’t see you in your bikini, then this does the job. However, if you want a storm-proof shelter, we will send you to the tent store and say no more about it.

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