Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub : The Tropical Experience at Home

Lay Z Spa Hawaii

Welcome to the Lay Z Spa Hawaii review! When it comes to buying something as luxurious as a home hot tub, many of us would be forgiven for putting it off. It’s a big purchase, you spend anything upwards of £6,000 just to get one through the door – and then you have installation, refurbishing the bathroom, and ongoing maintenance costs to think about.

Arguably worse than all of this is the fact that you can’t take it with you, should you sell your house down the line… With an inflatable home hot tub, you can bypass the fuss, installations, refurbs, and even the cost of the space.

While we can all agree that an inflatable hot tub solves the majority of life’s problems, we can’t always agree on which one to buy… which is where we come in. We have been systematically reviewing some of the most memorable, spectacular, and downright fabulous inflatable hot tubs available on the market today, all with the aim of bringing you the best choice in hot tubs for your home haven. The Hawaii Airjet inflatable hot tub is the next one on our hitlist.

So before you buy your home hot tub, think inflatable, think about us, and have a peek at this review. Or at least stick around until the quick overview. It’s worth it, we promise!

Should I Buy an Inflatable Home Hot Tub?

This is the main question on the lips of all who end up on our pages. Should I buy an inflatable hot tub? The answer is a clear and resounding “yes”. They are cheaper to buy and run, have less maintenance costs, don’t require you to pull hair out of the plughole, and are generally a lot more relaxing all round.

Inflatable hot tubs are the ultimate answer to the adult paddling pool. They save money since they don’t need to be connected all the time, like a plumbed in model would. They are a fraction of the upfront price, too, as well as taking less maintenance throughout the years. They have a number of health benefits which might also be of interest to you.

And money isn’t all an inflatable hot tub will save you. Space wise, they are incredibly versatile. Most models are designed for either indoor or outdoor use, but all can be taken down and stored neatly away in the garage when it comes to winter. So an inflatable hot tub saves you space and money. It does take a little time to setup and take down, but the chances are that you will love it so much that you will only ever do this twice a year.

Inflatable hot tubs for your house are fantastic as a social tool. You can have family nights in the hot tub, romantic ones, have friends over, throw summer pool parties by keeping it cool and using it as a normal pool… the kids can use it (though not unsupervised). The only downside to any of it is that you need to put it away or empty it in winter… that’s really very little inconvenience for the joyful moments it brings you.

So to answer the question then: yes, buy a home hot tub. Just make sure it’s an inflatable one with a good guarantee… a lot like the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii inflatable hot tub, from Bestway.

A Quick Overview

Without going into too much detail as of yet, here are some of the key takeaway good and bad points of the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii, for those of you who are in a hurry!

Pros of the Lay Z Spa Hawaii:

  • It comes in a fetching blue colour, deep blue on the outer fabric and light blue on the inner tube
  • UK-based aftersales team with a support line and 2 years warranty
  • Heats to 40 degrees Celsius (about 104 Fahrenheit)
  • Totally tool free setup, with an instructional setup DVD included
  • Fits 4-6 people comfortably
  • Dual heating and massage systems so you can have each independently running
  • Automated start/stop, digitally controlled timer
  • Tri-Tech Fabric (triply thick) and I-Beam superior construction for years of durable, hard-wearing use

Cons of the Lay Z Spa Hawaii:

  • Takes time to fill
  • Takes time to heat
  • Should be stored away in particularly cold temperatures

What Comes in the Box?

When you order a Lay Z Spa Hawaii inflatable hot tub, you will have a box sent to your home containing all you need to setup and use your new home hot tub. What’s included in that box? All of the different parts that make up your new hot tub – and a DVD to put it all together with. The following things are what you should expect to find when your new Hawaii hot tub arrives.

The Lay Z Spa Hawaii Airjet Liners

There should be an inner and an outer liner, with the outer being the larger of the two. Lay-Z-Spa has numerous patents to their name and one of them is the TriTech fabric which they use to make their hot tubs more durable. This fabric sports a triply strong textile which increases performance threefold. It is incredibly difficult to pierce this material without a blade. If you drag it when filled with water it may be enough to tear it, but you would have to be capable of lifting the hundreds of kilos of water within the hot tub, to be able to do so… so it isn’t really anything to panic over.

The outer liner is dark blue, and the inner liner is a lighter blue. That lighter colour looks bright and clean but is still off-white enough to disguise any mild cleaning that might need done between uses.

The Hawaii Airjet Pump

The Hawaii Airjet is a Lay Z Spa, and because of this, it has several interesting technologies that come with it. One of these is the Airjet system, which allows lots of tiny jets of air to be pushed out of the pump and all around the pool. This makes for an inflatable hot tub with a full spa massage feeling. You can totally relax in one of these, with all 120 of those airjets pointed at your sore and aching muscles… you can sort of see why hot tubs are so good for your health!

The Lay Z Spa Hawaii Airjet Top Cover & Inflatable Lid

Lay Z Spa Hawaii

Usually the Lay Z Spa models come with two separate covers, and the Hawaii is no exception. It has two lids, one inflatable, one made of an imitation leather that retains the waterproof capacity of the same. The inflatable lid is there to be placed on top of the hot tub to stop dirt, dust, and debris from getting in.

If you want to keep the heat in and stop kids and animals falling into it through the day, then you would put both the inflatable lid and the cover on it. The cover can be clasped down to the hot tub on clips at the sides. This just keeps an extra safe lid on things, should little hands be straying.

The cover is a dark blue to match the outside of the pool, so it all comes together pleasantly. It’s the kind of tub you wouldn’t mind looking into your garden and seeing. It looks like a miniature swimming pool, which we suppose it technically is. The lid is white, but you can’t see it once that top cover is on.

The Chem Connect System

Another of our favourite things that come in the box with the Hawaii Lay-Z-Spa airjet inflatable hot tub is the Chem Connect chemical dispersal system. This innovative piece of kit floats in your hot tub when it isn’t in use. You then fill it with chlorine or some other pool cleaning chemicals, and it will disperse it as needed. Fill it as required and be sure of a clean, fresh hot tub, every time you use it.

Filter Cartridges

There should be one or two air filter cartridges in your box, when your new Hawaii hot tub arrives. This inflatable model of home hot tub comes with that air pump and all those massaging jets, and the water needs to be kept clean for those to operate to their best ability. To do this, filters catch any dirt and debris before they reach the pumps. You should wash out your filter every time you are finished using your hot tub for the day. The good news is all it takes is fresh water to do so. They typically last for about 6-8 weeks, meaning you only really need one or two per season.

The Airjet Pump

Last but not least, the Hawaii inflatable hot tub needs an air pump. The air pump and the heater for this unit are in the same device, which clips on to the side of the fully inflated hot tub, ready to heat or produce bubbles as you need it to. The two can be controlled together or individually. Choose the temperature up to 40 degrees or turn on/off the bubbles, all from the one digital display that is set into the top of the pump. From here, you can set timers that allow your tub to heat up ready for you to come home.

Basically, the box for the Hawaii contains everything you need in order to succeed in relaxation. Set it up, wait for it to heat, pour some bubbles, and jump on in… just right!

A Little About Lay Z Spa Hot Tubs

The Lay-Z-Spa brand are actually a subsidiary to the parent company Bestway. Bestway have been making home hot tubs that inflate since the nineties, giving them decades of experience in getting things just right. The last time we checked, they proudly showed off all 110+ of their patents – the result of more than twenty five years of hard-earned hot tub exploration.

Lay-Z-Spa’s research and development department is one of the best in the home hot tub world. They go the extra mile to provide support across all of the countries that they serve, by providing sales care teams in each and every region they serve. To date, they are one of the biggest names in hot tubs – let alone in inflatable hot tubs, where they pretty much rule the roost.

If you are shopping for an inflatable hot tub, you are going to come across the Lay-Z-Spa brand again and again. They have numerous different models to choose from, so if the Hawaii isn’t for you in terms of colour, shape, or size, it is very likely that you will find the hot tub of your dreams in one of the other models they sell. You can learn more about Lay-Z-Spa by visiting their website, or you can just trust us when we tell you they are great. Whether you believe us or not won’t change the truth though… Lay-Z-Spa are a hot tub firm that are here to stay.

How Do I Set the Hawaii?

When you have watched the DVD and you have the hot tub box in the place you are going to keep it, you can start taking out the components. Lay out the inner liner and inflate it using the air pump. You can then repeat this process for the outer liner to ensure full inflation. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a half hour, and usually only lasts about fifteen minutes.

Once fully inflated (don’t forget about that lid!) you can start to pipe water into your hot tub. The heater should be connected at the side but should remain off until the hot tub is filled. putting heat out to open air may well blow the fuse.

When you have attached the air pump and have it inflated, fill the hot tub with a garden hose. If you are doing it with a bucket you will be there all year. When it is filled, set the temperature you want, set the time you want it to come on at, and leave it to heat up. Your hot tub will take about 12 hours to fully heat to the 40 degrees Celsius mark. Keep in mind that you will be able to get in it before then, if you want to.

Another thing to keep in mind is how heavy this hot tub will be once it is filled with water. If you plan on keeping it inside your house, you should be wary of how much load your flooring can take!

Features that come with the Lay Z Spa Hawaii model

Lay Z Spa HawaiiThe Hawaii Airjet has a few features that we can’t get enough of. It also has some fairly straightforward stuff that we can expect to find on most Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tubs.

Some of the more basic features include the bubbling and the heating. What makes them exemplary is how much they do so. Again, you will find that all models of inflatable hot tub sport some sort of durability fabric, specifically to stop them leaking or ripping. The Hawaii inflatable hot tub from Lay Z Spa does this but adds in a patent of its own creation.

In this way, Bestway manage to make each and every feature stand out from industry competitors. Let’s take a closer look at what it is that makes them the UK’s no. 1 inflatable hot tub manufacturer.

Standout Features of the Hawaii Airjet:

  • 40 degrees of heat allows you to have enough temperature even for the most demanding among us.
  • 120 airjets individually massaging your skin as you relax in the therapeutically warm water.
  • Fits one full family of 4-6 people easily, particularly if some of them are children.
  • Comes with Chem Connect to ensure you can disperse chemicals that keep it clean without having to take a PH test every day.
  • Has a dual operational air jet and heat system, meaning each works independently of the other if you want it to.
  • Tri-Tech fabric means it is triply strong and a lot less likely to rip or tear over time.
  • Sets up in as little as 15 minutes using the air pump provided.
  • Heats up in about 12 hours, which sounds slow but is actually pretty fast for an inflatable hot tub.
  • I-Beam construction for extra sturdiness.
  • Digital control panel inclusive of timer.

The Buyer’s Guide for the Lay Z Spa Hawaii

Before you decide to drop everything and bet your car on an inflatable hot tub, have a thumb through this buyer’s guide. We hope we can highlight both the good and the bad points of the Lay Z Spa Hawaii, to help you make a good decision.


The Hawaii airjet is about 38 centimetres tall by 180 in length. It is 71 cm deep and weighs around 178 kilograms when it is not filled yet. Once full, it will weigh closer to 900kgs. Be sure that you have a reinforced floor or that your hot tub is being placed on the ground to avoid damage to flooring.


The Hawaii comes in a bright, vibrant, royal blue. It is reasonably dark on the outside, but the inside liner is a lighter blue that helps to disguise a little of the dirt or any water discolouration that might cause embarrassment.

As a general rule, inflatable hot tubs will try to stick with the dark outer and light coloured inner feel. While other models have gone for greens, greys, and browns, in order to try and tie into the garden, the Hawaii is this vibrant royal blue. It declares proudly that you now own your own pool. We don’t think there is anything wrong with that. We also love how it all matches when the lids and covers are on… its just about as stylish as a hot tub can get.

Is it Indoor or Outdoor?

The Hawaii hot tub is, like most Lay-Z-Spa models, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Most customers tend to place them in their garden or even in their garage, where they can get the best of both worlds. Having a home hot tub is rather like adding an extra room to your space, so place it where there is plenty of ventilation and get the party started!

Digital Features of the Lay Z Spa Hawaii

The Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii comes with a digital control panel that is fitted onto the top of the air pump. This is so that it is removed enough from the water that it isn’t in direct contact with it. The electronics are enclosed in a safe casing to stop any water leaking in.

From this control panel you can set timers, start, and stop bubbles and/or heat, you can increase and decrease temperatures, and a whole host of other nifty little features.

Spa Features on the Hawaii Airjet

Those 120 individual bursts of air that are being shot into your hot tub every minute are able to produce a fantastic spa-like effect. The Hawaii really bubbles – much more than you would expect for a hot tub of its size. The bubbles will come from the air pump but are dispersed throughout the liners via a series of strategically placed tubes. This allows you to surround yourself in spa luxury, within the confines of your own home or garden.

What Temperature does a Home Hot Tub Go To?

The Hawaii airjet goes all the way up to 40 degrees, but you will struggle to find a model of inflatable hot tub that goes any higher than this. If it does, it won’t be by many degrees. 40 is above the temperature of the human body, meaning that most of us will find it uncomfortably hot to sit in. If you are a glutton for punishment, you will be able to handle it… but for the rest of us, we’ll just turn it down.

Are there any Safety Features?

Yes! As well as the dual inflatable lid and imitation leather, clip-on covers, the heater will maintain 40 degrees or cut off if it tries to go any higher. The thermostat allows for constant moderation and an all-round safer hot tub experience. Keep in mind that, although suitable for children, youngsters should never be left unsupervised in or around the hot tub.

Does it come with a Warranty?

It comes with two years’ worth of warranty. They will replace any damaged parts within that time, provided that the damage was due to fault of the design, rather than something that has happened in your home. In most cases, you need to register with Lay-Z-Spa to access your warranty, so be sure to check the small print or follow the instructions on your setup DVD.

FAQs Regarding the Lay Z Spa Hawaii Hot Tub

In the section below, we have attempted to answer some of the most commonly asked questions we have come across, with regards to the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii. If you have questions you would like to ask, please see this section to find out if it has already been covered.

Q) How long does it take for an inflatable hot tub to heat up

A) It can take anything from 10 to 48 hours for an inflatable hot tub to heat to its full capacity. Lay-Z-Spa have it down to a fine art with a rough estimate of 12 hours per pool. This will change depending on how big a model of hot tub you have purchased. It also depends on how long it takes you to fill it, as some areas can have poor water pressure.

Q) What is the best inflatable hot tub for 6 people?

A) If the Hawaii airjet isn’t the best then it is up there in the top five.

Q) Where can I buy this inflatable hot tub?

A) You can pick up a Hawaii inflatable hot tub for less than a thousand pounds, right here in the UK. Follow this link for more information.

What customers Adore about the Hawaii Home Hot Tub?

Lay Z Spa Hawaii Inflatable Hot TubLastly, we like to scroll through other people’s thoughts on the inflatable hot tubs we review, to see what comments are consistently repeated throughout. We then sort this data into the things that consumers liked and disliked the most about the model of hot tub we are reviewing. Let’s see how the Hawaii Airjet stands up against customer scrutiny across the board…

The Setup

With such an easy setup procedure and such a fast inflation time, how could we not love the setup procedure for the Hawaii airjet inflatable hot tub? There isn’t even any blowing involved.

The Safety

The clip-on cover, inflatable lid, and the cut-off heating system that won’t exceed its thermostat, mean this is a safe model of hot tub for kids to be around. You may want booster seats although it really isn’t all that deep.

The Size

Fitting 4-6 people in meant that consumers whole families could come round and enjoy the hot tub experience with them. This hot tub is big enough for 6 small adults, or as many children as you can toss in it.

The Temperature

The majority of consumers agreed that the 40 degree maximum was great, but that they never used it. On average, clients set their hot tub to 36-7 degrees Celsius instead, allowing for a comfortable heat as opposed to the too-hot-bath feel.

The Running Costs

Some clients bought this as an upgrade to smaller Lay-Z-Spa models. They were happy with the energy efficiency by comparison to the older makes.

The UK-Based Aftercare

Consumers loved having a UK-based aftersales team dealing with any complaints or queries they had. In circumstances where parts were missing or wrong, the company were swift to replace them.

The Bubbles

The word ‘vigorous’ was mentioned more than once.

What Customers Disliked about the Hawaii Home Hot Tub?

Just as there are parts that consumers loved about the Hawaii, there are things that they didn’t love quite so much.

The Admin

Two of the customers we looked at made comments that the paperwork was lost. Fortunately that friendly consumer care team were on hand to swoop in and rectify the situation.

The Setup Time

Although simple and swift to inflate and fill, the twelve hours of waiting for the hot tub to heat can be frustrating. Unfortunately, there are few faster than the Lay-Z-Spa, which incorporates a patented rapid heating system just like all their models.

Our Verdict on the Lay Z Spa Hawaii Model of Inflatable Hot Tub

We believe that when it comes to hot tubs, a great model is worth the waiting time. If you plug it in and set it up before work one day, it will be ideal for you to use by the following one. Do it on a Friday and spend Saturday/Sunday in your own home hot tub… because why not have a touch of opulence of your own?

If you like hot tubs and you have been toying with the idea, we say go for it. The Hawaii is the perfect size for family and for entertaining. It’s a sound investment that you have a guaranteed two years of use from… what have you got to lose but stress?

If you are interested in the other inflatable hot tubs from this brand that will comfortably fit 4-6 people, check out the Lay Z Spa Paris, Palm Springs, Vegas, Milan and Ibiza.

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