Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub Review

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Are you one of the numerous people looking to buy a hot tub, but have decided that a permanent one is too much of a hassle? Are you looking for an inflatable spa that has all of the perks and extras of a permanent tub, but with the convenience of an inflatable? Then you’ll want to consider the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii! This spa is the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, offering you everything you would get out of a more traditional tub. And, to further boost your confidence in this product, the Hawaii is made by Bestway, the most trusted inflatable spa company in the UK!

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Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How much does this cost?” If it functions so much like a traditional hot tub, it must cost a small fortune, right?

You’d be wrong there! While a permanent hot tub can cost upwards of £6,000, the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii costs under £500! This means that you’re getting all of the comfort and relaxation of a traditional spa, as well as the convenience and portability of an inflatable, for just one sixth of the price! It’s a bargain that few can pass up. If you’re looking for the absolute best for a low price, look no further!

Build Quality

When looking at purchasing an inflatable spa, you’ll want to find one that has a durable build. So many spas are built more or less like the inflatable kiddie pools you can buy at any department store, and will last just as long. The build is key to your spas longevity. Thankfully, you’ll find that the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii comes with a durable, strong build that is made to last! You won’t have to worry about the material wearing down and springing leaks, or about a slight scrape completely ruining your tub. Whether it’s just the adults relaxing, or the children getting a little rowdy in it, you won’t have to worry about its integrity!

The Hawaii is built with TriTech materials, meaning extra reinforcement and durability in your spa. There are three different layers that comprise the Hawaii: An outer layer of PVC material, a center layer of a polyester mesh, and another layer of PVC material on the inside of the tub. This is all to ensure that nothing punctures, tears, or otherwise compromises the Hawaii. In fact, you’ll find that the leatheroid material is quite nearly puncture-proof! This makes it great for those who don’t have a dedicated space just for their spa.


Lay Z Spa Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub

When we think of a hot tub, the first thing we associate it with are the relaxing jets and the soothing heat. That’s the main reason to buy an inflatable spa. So why settle for one with sub par bubbles and a low temperature? Instead, choose the Hawaii, and spend your time immersed in liquid relaxation and bliss!

Like all Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tubs, the Hawaii comes with powerful jets for your relaxation. The HydroJet Massage System is the ultimate in water massage technology, providing the perfect amount of counter pressure to ensure the most relaxing experience possible. It has eight flow-adjustable and directional water jets, for all-around comfort. It also has an AirJet Massage System, for even more massaging capabilities and extra relaxation. This system has 120 jets, to provide all of the bubbles you could possibly want in a spa.

And what is a “hot tub” without the “hot”? You won’t have to find out if you purchase the Hawaii! This spa has a rapid heating system that can quickly heat the water to a stress-melting 40 degrees Celsius. It’s a perfect temperature for relaxing after a long, hard day, or for just enjoying your free time.

Do you have a problem with hard water and the unpleasant effects it can have on your tub, your clothes, or your skin? Do you or someone that will be using your spa have a sensitivity to chlorine? Then you’ll be happy to learn that, with the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii’s Clearsoft Water Treatment System, you won’t have to worry about either! This is a great option for someone who has sensitive skin, or will have guests with sensitive skin. Because children tend to have skin that requires more care than an adult’s, it is also a good choice for anyone who will let small children into the hot tub for any length of time.

The Clearsoft system allows the users to have two options in treating the spa water: Using either Clearwater chemicals or using salt to chlorinate your water. Either will keep the water clean and pristine, fighting bacteria and germs that can spread in a moist environment. The Clearwater chemicals are made to be used with the Clearsoft Water Treatment System, and do a wonderful job in keeping the water clean. But if you prefer something a little more natural and a little less harsh, then you can use salt, instead.


hawaii 4

Another big perk in buying an inflatable spa as opposed to a traditional hot tub is how easy it is to set up. While a permanent hot tub requires poured concrete bases, plumbing work, and a professional to install, the Hawaii can be set up by yourself, with no professionals needed. The Hawaii can be inflated in as little as ten minutes, and it comes with the air pump. One person can easily do it. Then you simply need a garden hose to fill it, and it’s ready to use! It is far simpler and less time consuming than a permanent option.

The Hawaii also comes with everything that you will need to set up and maintain it. Besides just the air pump, it also comes with a chemical floater, a charcoal filter cartridge, a bubble mat, and a setup DVD, for step-by-step instructions. This makes it a no-guesswork option that anyone can use!

If you want an easy option, with all of the equipment needed, the Hawaii is the spa for you! It offers all of the luxury of a traditional tub with none of the messy, time-consuming, and expensive preparation and set-up.

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