Lay Z Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub Ultimate Review

Lay Z Spa Miami

Lay Z Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub Ultimate Review


The Lay Z Spa Miami hot tub comes with all the mod cons you would expect. It is a suave looking model that provides a hot soak for up to 4 people. This hot tub incorporates air jet systems and heat of up to 40°C. It is marketed as one of the best ways to relax in the comfort of your own home.

The Lay-Z-Spa is compact enough to not take up huge amounts of space. If you wanted a hot tub to fit in your garage, or in another outhouse, this might just be the perfect model.

We took an in-depth look at the Lay-Z-Spa Miami hot tub, to examine the pros and cons, find our favourite features, and give you the full lowdown. Is this the right hot tub for you? Let’s find out…

What does the Lay Z Spa Miami come with?


This is a high-end tub with ample room to fit 2-4 people. The literature assumes that nobody wants to be in a hot tub alone – but don’t let that stop you. Those who live alone are just as entitled to a good relaxing soak as those who don’t.

The Lay Z Spa Miami comes with a solid two year warranty and full access to a UK based support staff. They will be able to answer any questions or assist you if something goes wrong. To sweeten the deal, the Lay-Z-Spa can be set up, ready to be filled with water, from around ten minutes after you unbox it.

The packaging will include a hard wearing liner, a pool floater which can be filled with cleaning solutions, a cover which inflates, the pool, parts, and the air jet system. This system is a special design, ergonomically incorporating massage jets. When the pool is not in use you should cover it with cover and make sure everything is switched off.

There ought to be a heater in the box too. This is what attaches to your pool to make it into a hot tub. The one included with the Lay Z Spa Miami is a particularly powerful 220-240 v. Other parts include a filtration unit and the cover for your pool. All of it comes with easy to understand instructions for setup so you should be able to put it together yourself.


Quick Overview: Pros and Cons of the Lay Z Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

We appreciate some of you have busy lives to lead, so here is the at-a-glance version of the Lay-Z-Spa Miami pros and cons so you can get on your way.

Pros of the Lay Z Spa Miami:

  • Consumers love the low price point.
  • It is great value for money, carrying the unique features of several higher-end tubs.
  • It can be used to soothe certain health conditions. People use a hot tub for everything from arthritis to back pain.
  • The Lay-Z-Spa is highly durable and lasts for years, adding to that already high value.
  • It has plenty of safety features.
  • It is an indoor or an outdoor pool, being fully portable.

Cons of the Lay Z Spa Miami:

  • It is white on the inside and can get dirty quickly because of this.
  • It is a breeding ground for bacteria in our germ-focused modern world.
  • The lid is prone to deflating on occasion. If storing for long periods with water in, you may wish to keep an eye on this.


Features of the Lay Z Spa Miami



The Lay Z Spa Miami comes with a ton of cool features that can be counted on to set it apart from the rest. It uses different aspects to create a refined, luxurious spa experienced, designed to keep you at your most relaxed. Some of these notable points include:

  • Comes with an extra sturdy I-beam construction that leads customers to comment on the durability of the item.
  • Has a start/stop timer that comes with an automatic setting function and which will click off if it overheats.
  • Fast to set up – be in the water in as little as a half hour.
  • Rapid heating so that you can start enjoying your new hot tub, ASAP.
  • Digital control panel which lets you fully customise your spa day experience.
  • UK-based customer service centre, which is a big plus in the hot tub buying world.
  • It can heat up to 40 degrees Celsius, which is more heat than you could possibly need but still falls into safe parameters.
  • It comes with that handy lid, so you can cover it when not in use and you don’t necessarily need to bring it indoors if the weather turns bad.

If you want the more in-depth take on the Lay Z Spa Miami hot tub then stick around, we have it right here!


Who are Lay Z Spa?

We like to start most of our reviews with a little glimpse over the branding. Who are the firm behind this innovative, affordable-yet-luxurious hot tub? Lay Z Spa come with a 5 star Trust Pilot rating, as well as numerous good consumer reviews.

They are an international company who have stores all over the globe. It is from these locations that they dispense their hot tubs, ensuring that they can reach all locations as quickly as possible across a handful of continents. They are known for providing some of the best selling hot tubs in the western world, whether high end or affordable. What you can be sure of is that every item they release is of the utmost in quality.

If you want to know more about Lay Z Spa take a look at our articles here!


Lay Z Spa Miami Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide


Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

Before you rush off out and buy one, have a read through this short Buyer’s Guide. There are a few considerations you should make that might impact your purchase, so we tried to cover most of them, below.


Dimensions of the Lay Z Spa Miami Hot Tub

The Lay Z Spa Miami weighs around 33.3 kg. This makes it manoeuvrable between two people. It will require a space that is wider than 26 inches, and that is deeper than 71 inches. You should place your Miami hot tub in a well ventilated area… So don’t squeeze it in anywhere.

The Lay Z Spa Miami Hot Tub has dimensions of 82 x 46 x 60.5 cm.



This model is only available in black and white. The Lay Z Spa Miami is black on the outside and white on the inside. This provides a sleek, suave finish, which looks good against any backdrop. And we do mean any backdrop… Since this pool weighs less than 50 kg, two people should be able to move it outdoors into the sunshine. Run your extension lead out into the garden and you can have a hot tub in the sun, whenever you want it. You can even use it in the rain if you want to!


Indoor or Outdoor Inflatable Hot Tub?

Many hot tubs make you choose between an indoor and an outdoor model, which is one of the areas where the Lay Z Spa excels. The Lay Z Spa Miami hot tub is able to move around your home, as an indoor pool or as an outdoor tub, placed under the stars in your garden.

To transform the Lay Z Spa  from an indoor to an outdoor pool, all you need is a watertight extension cord. You may need to buy one that is specifically suitable for outdoor use… particularly if you live in a wet and windy country. Always make sure that the electronics are covered and are not left out in the rain.


The electronics

Lay-Z-Spa Miami DIgital Control Panel

There is a digital display panel complete with buttons on the Lay-Z-Spa, so if you want to change the temperature you can do so safely. This panel includes all of the controls you would expect, including control of your bubble jets. We do suggest that you protect this panel in bad weather, and that you cover the socket if it is outside. It is often best to completely disconnect your hot tub when not in use as it will use a lot of electricity – so you don’t want it heating up with no one inside it!


How Hot does the Lay Z Spa Miami get?

The Lay Z Spa Miami goes up to precisely 40 degrees Celsius, as mentioned already. We wanted to talk heat in a separate section all of its own. The reason for this, is that automatic control and sensor. If the pool water gets above 40 degrees, the automatic safety feature kicks in and shuts it off.

That’s not all, either. Just because it goes as high as 40 degrees, doesn’t mean that’s how hot you need to keep it. You can turn the heat either up or down through your digital control panel. You can also pre-set the temperature, get in, and forget about any of your worries. It will click off safely if it gets too hot.


Safety and Features

There are a few areas that make the Lay Z Spa Miami distinguishable in the safety category. This model comes with the aforementioned shut down should it reach above 40 degrees, but also includes a pre-setting system so you can relax without worrying about the temperature.

If a hot tub were to exceed that 40 degrees Celsius mark, it would be straying into the realms of too hot to be safe. For many people, the 40 degrees is already too hot to be entirely comfortable, so they set the temperature lower to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub. However, for those that like a toasty hot bath, be sure that the 40 degrees is hot enough to hit all the right spots.

The I-Beam construction adds an element of safety to the whole setup of the hot tub. It allows you to set it up quickly, using the inflatable part of the frame and the pump. This way it would hold your tub in place and give it all the support it needs to be a durable, hardy model. It also means your tub won’t move around against the hard surface underneath.

Hot Tub with a Warranty

The Lay Z Spa Miami hot tub comes with a 2 year warranty – but you do need to activate it. The warranty will cover you for any damages that arise as a result of faulty design, and for any faults that arise and cause the design to fail. If there appears to be something wrong, you are entitled to contact the company and get your money back.

If something happens to the hot tub through your own fault, however, they will not repair or replace it without an added cost. Keep this in mind before you try to open it up to repair it and just call in the professionals should it break. Hot tubs can be replaced… but malfunctioning electronics can kill you. Keep them dry and out of bad weather wherever this is possible.

Cleaning your Lay Z Spa Miami Hot Tub

There are some reports that this hot tub gets dirty too easily. We say that, if you come prepared, this is not the case. With chlorine tablets added to clean your pool, your hot tub can be used two or three times in a row without changing the water. Realistically speaking, you ought to have a shower both before and after use, but we do appreciate this isn’t always possible.

The trouble with the Lay Z Spa Miami is that it is white on the inside. This pattern choice allows the dirt to show up, whether you want it to or not. Give it a good rinse out and scrub it thoroughly once in a while, and you will find yourself with a long-lasting, clean-feeling hot tub. This is not a salt water hot tub, so be wary of alternatives to chlorine. Some can clog up the system and encrust the jets, making for poor performance and a hot tub you can’t use. Stay tuned for our cleaning guide!


The Inflation Speed

Hot Tubs are known for two things: taking an age to fill and being much like an outside bath. This isn’t the case when you slip into a Lay- Z Spa. In fact, when you sink into this hot tub, it feels like you are lying in the lap of luxury.

Instead of the traditional wood or tin finish, this inflatable option allows for an easy-to-move portable option, that comes with maximum comfort. The padded feeling of the inflatable tub is a wonderful addition to the flexibility of where you can place this tub. It’s not a flimsy type of rubber, it’s dense and tough, and it isn’t going to burst if you place it on a rough surface.

The manufacturers of the Lay Z Spa Miami hot tub have tried to make it so that it inflates quickly, using a rapid inflating system. They claim that it can be inflated in under ten minutes – and we agree. As long as you have a pump for the inflation, you can do it in as little as a few minutes. If you are blowing it up by mouth like old-time blow-up beds, then you should be prepared to take a while!

The pool and the cover are both inflatable. The cover to the Lay Z Spa is known to deflate a little over time. If this happens to you just inflate it again and no harm will be done.


How many People does the Lay-Z-Spa Fit?

The Miami hot tub holds 2-4 people. If you want to have enough room to move around in, we suggest keeping it to two people. You should also take into consideration the spread of viruses or bacteria through the water. Stay socially distant and keep the hot tub to household use only.


What Customers Like about the Lay Z Spa Miami?

Some of the things people who bought the Lay-Z-Spa liked…


The price point of this hot tub is an area everyone loved. It offers the high quality of hot tubs that come in with a larger price tag, while still retaining the under £1000 price point. Some of the grander models have more features, but this one offers a more affordable version of the luxury they provide. We love it when big firms make luxury available for everyone!


Since the price is so low for the features offered, consumers reckon it is fantastic value for money. Hot tubs don’t usually cost less than that crucial five thousand pound mark… so getting a rapid heating, massage jet using, heated, bubbly hot tub for less than that? The Lay Z Spa Miami is incredible value for money.

Pain Relief

One thing we didn’t expect when we started researching other reviews, was that many people bought this for pain relief. One woman mentions getting it to help with her autistic younger brother – who loves it. Another reviewer talked about using the hot tub to help with fibromyalgia. If you want to know more about the health benefits that hot tubs can treat, see this article by Web MD.


Some customers mentioned having had their pool for a few years before they got round to writing the review. One was inspired to add the review because of longevity. The hot tub was safely stowed away in winter, had a little mildew on it in spring, would be used all summer and autumn, and would be stowed for winter again.


Which leads us to our next point. This pool will deflate if you are finished with it, letting you stow it away safely for the duration of the colder months. You can then whip it out of storage, inflate it in ten minutes, and have water heating within the half hour. It really is a simple-to-store, inflate, and use, device.


The Lay-Z-Spa is a fully portable Miami hot tub. You can use it indoors or outdoors, providing you have a safe outdoor switch or an outdoor-proof extension cable. it can be deflated and moved with only a 33 kg weight – meaning 2 people can lift it easily but one person might be able to move it themselves. Customers frequently mentioned taking this pool outside to enjoy clear summer nights under the open sky.


Many verified purchasers talked about how hot the tub gets. While everyone agrees 40 degrees is hot enough, some people say it heats slowly and others say the opposite. With mixed reviews, we turned to the product itself. It does have that click-off feature which could be annoying if you were spending long periods in the hot tub. If it is to be used for a few hours at a time, you will need to monitor the temperature anyway, so we’re not sure this is a bad thing. It is better to have to turn the heat up than to burn yourself.


What Customers Disliked about the Lay-Z-Spa?

Some of the things people how bought the Lay-Z-Spa disliked…

Contamination Potential

If you keep a hot tub and come down with some kind of disease, it will inevitably thrive in the hot water and transfer from person to person. The Lay-Z-Spa goes some way to moderating this problem by minimizing the number of people that you can have in one tub. Even though there is only the 4 person limit, make sure that you have a shower before and after using the tub to minimize the cross contamination risk.


One thing we keep coming across is that customers despise cleaning their hot tubs! Since the inside of this model is entirely white, it can feel like you have to do way more cleaning than you might otherwise. There are filters and pumps that you can buy to help you, but this is an additional expense that doesn’t come with the tub.


Some consumers mentioned that the lid deflated over time. All we can say is that most inflatable things will deflate over time and that this is the nature of physics. We don’t know if it should be pinned on a hot tub manufacturer to solve physics – but you can make your own mind up. In the meantime, just blow the lid back up again…

All-in-all, reviews of the Lay Z Spa Miami Hot Tub are good-to-great. There are very few negative reviews, and these seem to be focused on the delivery and service as opposed to the product itself.


Our Lay-Z-Spa Miami Verdict

Asides from the 73% of other customers who rate this product as a five-star item, we have made our own opinions during the course of our review. We find it to be a high value hot tub for a low end price – meaning you get more than you think you do. A hot tub like the Lay-Z-Spa can seriously improve your quality of life… and that is never something to be sniffed at.

We give it the double thumbs up as a great value hot tub which is definitely the best hot tub at this price point. You get affordable luxury – where we used to have limited choices in at-home-spa. It’s a big step up for a lot of people, and it should be given the appreciation it deserves.

The Lay-Z is bringing better lifestyles to the masses – so we say yes, if you can afford it – you should buy it. If you have been thinking it over – you should buy it. If you are worried you won’t use it? You should also buy it. A Lay Z Spa Miami Hot Tub is exactly the Working from Home product we all need right now. Take a break, relax, and buy yourself something nice.

If you are interested in the other inflatable hot tubs from this brand that will comfortably fit 2-4 people, check out our Lay Z Spa Cancun review.

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