Lay Z Spa Milan Inflatable Hot Tub- Ultimate Review

Lay Z Spa Milan Review

Lay Z Spa Milan Inflatable Hot Tub- Ultimate Review


Budget Lay Z Spa Dome

As ever, we are here today to review an inflatable hot tub. Next up on our list is the Lay-Z-Spa Milan – and we are excited. Every Lay-Z-Spa we have come across has been a solid quality model. They build for longevity, durability, and versatility. Each one of the hot tubs comes with a different focus and style though, so let us see how the Lay Z Spa Milan model sticks up against the others.

The Benefits of Having an Inflatable Tub Vs a Regular Hot Tub

A lot of people swither over their decision to buy a new hot tub, inflatable or otherwise. It is a big purchase, so it is understandable that you might hesitate. It is a luxury purchase, not something that is considered necessary for a good life and takes up a lot of space in the home or yard. Having a good think about it is not just understandable, it is common sense.

But if you are still deciding about whether to get a home hot tub installed, the inflatable is the perfect compromise. You can get the best of both worlds, without the hassle that a built-in tub cause. We measured the perks of both an inflatable and a fitted hot tub below, to help you make up your mind.

Pros of the Inflatable Hot Tub

Why choose an inflatable hot tub? It is a lot cheaper than having a built-in model. It costs roughly a quarter (or less) of the price of a fitted tub. Besides this, the running costs are cheaper in terms of energy costs, since a fitted tub uses fresh hot water, every time.

Your Lay-Z-Spa Milan inflatable hot tub connects to the home Wi-Fi system and can work with Alexa – just the same as your installed hot tub might. It inflates in only a few minutes, meaning that you have increased versatility when you opt for the inflatable over the in-built model.

The best part about the inflatable, of course, is that it can be set up anywhere you like. That versatility means it can be moved around your garden, used indoors, or even that you can take it to a friend for the week. It also means you are not committed to keeping it in the same place.

So, the inflatable is cheaper, more versatile, comes with the same perks as the fitted model – and can be taken with you when you move to a new house. We wonder how the in-built hot tub will measure up.

Pros of the Fitted Hot Tub

When you choose the fitted hot tub you are in for a bit of dust and noise as it is being installed. If you are used to a quiet house, this is a little upsetting. Once installed, however, your new home hot tub will be with you for as long as you live in your home. It can be taken with you when you move but will make a beet selling feature, should you choose to move on. If you are in a home you are likely never to move away from, then this is no problem.

The fitted hot tub will need to stay connected to your hot water. To fill it, it takes a bit longer than a bathtub. When you emerge, the water is drained away. The energy cost of this is about the same as that of maintaining the inflatable model without the water change.

If something breaks in your fitted hot tub, you will need a specialist or a plumber, whereas if something breaks on your inflatable model you can just send it back and get a replacement. On the other hand, the plumbed-in model will be longer lasting if you can keep it in good working order.

Plumbed-in versus Inflatable

So, should you buy an inflatable hot tub or a fixed hot tub? It is entirely up to you. If you want the versatility, portability, and flexibility of the inflatable, then go for it. If you have the indoor space and want to add to your property, then an inbuilt model is best for you. Whatever you decide, a home hot tub is the ideal solution for the tired, the stressed, or those with aching muscles.

A Quick Overview of the Lay Z Spa Milan Hot Tub

The Lay-Z-Spa Milan is one of their more exquisite models. With a ton of perks and features other tubs are jealous of, it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, extra bubbles, and even Freeze Shield tech… but we know some of you are in a hurry. Here are the key takeaways of the Lay Z Spa Milan for those in a rush.

Pros of the Lay Z Spa Milan:

  • Wi-Fi controlled – this inflatable hot tub can connect to Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Separate digital control panel attaches to sump to keep electronics far from the water.
  • Bright blue pool colour outer liner.
  • Tri-Tech fabric – three layers of vinyl thick and tougher than normal.
  • Freeze Shield technology – can be left out in temperatures just above freezing.
  • 40 degrees centigrade maximum temperature.
  • Safety features such as auto shut off.
  • 2-year warranty if applied for.

Cons of the Lay Z Spa Milan:

  • If you do not apply for the warranty extension, you do not get it.
  • It has less airjets than some of the less expensive models, but those do not have the dual heat and bubble system.
  • 40 degrees seems to be enough for most people but the odd one wants extra heat.

What you get in the Lay Z Spa Milan box?

When the package arrives and you first examine the contents of the box, here are the things that it ought to include.

The Liners

There should be an inner and an outer liner. One is bright blue. This goes on the outside of your inflatable hot tub. This bright blue is a regular favourite of home pools because it is clean, ties in with the outdoors in summer and even matches a bathroom, wet room, or kitchen.

The other liner is an off-white colour and is to be used on the inside of the hot tub. The off-white helps disguise any dirt that might be lingering while allowing your inflatable hot tub to maintain that bright colouring.

The Air Filter Cartridges

The hot tub needs to be kept clean and free from debris, otherwise the airjets will clog up. These are responsible for creating the spa effect and damaging them will damage your system. There should be an air filter cartridge included in the box when your product arrives. This should be washed out regularly and replaced every three months for best results.

The Air Pumps

The air pump of the Lay Z Spa Milanmodel comes in the box, pre-assembled, it just needs to be unpacked and connected to the main body of the liners. There should be instructions included that tell you how to do this but Lay Z Spa are also known for including instructional DVDs with their products. If you do not have a DVD player, you can find a video online to follow.

The digital control panel is situated on top of the air pump. When you turn it on the first time, you should be able to follow the instructions it gives you to connect it to your Wi-Fi and set it up.

The Lids and Cover

The fully inflatable hot tub lid will be a light colour to match the pool. It is best used for covering the hot tub temporarily if you are popping inside for a moment. If you want to put it away overnight and do not want any debris to fall in it, you need the main cover. This secures to either side of the hot tub with the use of four buckles. This makes for an extra secure system that little fingers cannot pry open. If you want to store the heat, use both lids.

The I-Beam Base

For extra sturdy durability, this inflatable hot tub comes with I-beam construction that includes a base unit. This will arrive as part of the package and should be used to place your liners around.

Chem Connect system

The Chem Connect system is the chlorine dispersal system that attaches to the side of the hot tub. It should release a steady stream of chlorine tablets to keep your family safe. We recommend that you pick up chlorine tablets in advance to make sure you can start using your Lay-Z-Spa Milan ASAP.

The Box Contains Everything You Need to get Started!

Basically, that Milan box should be full to brimming with all the things you need to start. It will have the groundsheet, the installation DVD and instructions, and all the other little bits and pieces that you need to set it up with. It should setup in under ten minutes, then take up to an hour to fill. Once filled, you should turn on the heat and expect to get started in using it the next day.

About Lay Z Spa and Bestway

The Lay Z Spa brand was first put together back in 1994. They are a daughter firm of Bestway, the multinational best selling homeware brand. The Lay Z Spa branch of the family is in chart of inflatable and outdoor products, specifically. This allowed them to set up their own research and development department which was always fully funded.

Within a few short years, Lay Z Spa had evolved to become the market leaders in inflatable hot tubs. They have amassed more than 110 different patents, all of which have gone on to set the industry benchmark. The rapid heating system, the airjet, the air pumps that we are familiar with today – all of them came from research done in the Lay Z Spa labs.

Lay Z Spa work internationally and supply call centres based inside those countries. When you need help with your hot tub, their customer service is always on point. What are the downsides of this huge company? That they like you to register your hot tub with them in order to use the full extent of the warranty. That is not much to pay for the high-quality item that you receive in exchange.

Lay z spa have several online video tutorials and corporate literature, should you need extra help. Their experience and product quality simply cannot be beaten. If you do opt for that inflatable model, this is just about as luxurious as it gets.

How to Setup your Lay-Z-Spa?

When your Lay-Z-Spa Milan arrives, it will come in a box, with all the separate parts in tow. Some customers report no chemicals, some report chlorine came with the product. We recommend picking up chlorine tablets, just in case. They will not go to waste.

Unpack all the elements and decide where you want to place your Milan inflatable hot tub. When you have chosen your spot, ensure it is clean and free of debris that might tear the fabric of your new home spa. Roll out the ground sheet first, then get ready to set up the liners by arranging them on top of it.

When you are ready to begin inflations, connect the pump to the liners and secure the connection. Turn it on and let it inflate. It should be fully inflated after about ten minutes, maximum. When it is inflated, you can then fill it with water. You should fill it with cold water because it will otherwise empty your tank without being warm when it is eventually full.

Cover the Milan with your inflatable lid and the secure cover, then leave it for between 8 and 12 hours. After this time, your new inflatable hot tub will be warm enough for you to use, even if you do not have it at full temperature.

Features of the Lay-Z-Spa Milan

All the Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tubs have specific features that make them stand out from the crowd. Dubbed the most advanced Lay-Z-Spa ever, it comes with space for up to 6 people. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and has those digital controls that let you set your temperature, time, and connect to the Wi-Fi…

But we have covered most of the features in the rest of this review. What we want to highlight in this section are the features that make it a standout model, when compared to the other Lay-Z-Spa tubs.

Standout features:

  • Works with both Apple and Android Smart Phones and devices – connects to your home internet, comes with those separate digital controls that keep the electronics safe.
  • The Lay-Z-Spa inflatable home hot tub Milan model comes with voice control… It is one of the only inflatable hot tubs that can be turned on by your voice.
  • Freeze Shield Technology – this is an awesome patent from Lay-Z-Spa. It means that you can leave this hot tub outside in temperatures down to around 4/5 degrees. If you live in the northern hemisphere, this is a fantastic piece of kit because you do not need to fill and deflate all the time.
  • Bonus points for Disability – if you buy ah to tub to treat a condition like back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, or other similar issues, the voice control plus the freeze shield tech make the Milan hot tub the ideal choice. Asides from the getting in and out, every other feature has been made accessible to the impaired.
  • Chemconnect Dispenser – this is another special from Lay-Z-Spa’s research team. It disperses chlorine that keeps bacteria out of your hot tub. All you must do is keep replacing the chlorine tablets (a packet will arrive with the pool, in the box).
  • New Airjet Dispersal System – the scientists took another look at the way the airjets are placed recently. These bursts of air offer a massaging effect on the skin and were recently optimized for better bubbles.
  • 72 hours advanced timer – two days longer than other timers let you plan for. Choose when and where your hot tub turns on – or do it from your phone, before you are even in the house with the connected Lay-Z-Spa App.
  • Rapid heating system – this is their own technology and means the hot tub can heat at up to 2 degrees an hour. This is faster than most.
  • Swift setup – inflates in less than five minutes which is their fastest ever.

Extra Standout Feature – the Dual Operation System

We had to take a moment to appreciate this separately. In most inflatable hot tubs, you cannot run both the heater and the air bubbles at the same time. Not so with the Lay Z Spa Milan 6-person inflatable hot tub. This might have a limited number of airjets by comparison to other models, but this allows you a luxury that even other hot tub owners do not have.

This feature is so special that it earned an extra paragraph… do not let it go past your attention.

A Guide to Buying your Lay Z Spa Milan hot tub

Below, we talk you through all the different aspects of the Lay Z Spa Milan. If you want to compare this inflatable hot tub with the other models we have reviewed, you can use this section to do so.


The Milan model is big enough to fit 6 people comfortably. It is made from triply thick material and should weigh about 41.35 kg when it arrives and is still in the box. Once inflated and water has been added, this weight will increase drastically. The Lay Z Spa Milan inflatable hot tub holds 916 litres of water, this weighs about the same in kilograms and equates to around 213 gallons. If you want to place this in your home, keep it downstairs.

The cable runs for 7 metres, letting you take it outside, but better reach could be achieved with an extension cable.

Product dimensions once set up is 196 cm by 196 cm in length and breadth, with 71 cm of height. Since it needs an extra metre around the outside for airflow, it should only ever be set up in a room that is bigger than 4 x 4 metres.

Colour Choice

The striking bright blue on the outer liner can be too much for some. It is a sort of Royal blue colour that looks great outdoors because it matches the sky. If keeping it indoors, it will look good against the clean, light colours of a wet room.

The inner liner is a lighter, off-white or light blue. It will disguise dirt but still look fresh and vibrant.

Indoor or Outdoor use?

The Lay-z-spa Milan 6-person hot tub is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is extra thick to help prevent against tearing. Be sure to leave plenty of room around it for airflow, and to keep it in a well-ventilated room, if keeping it indoors.

Digital Control System

The digital control system on this hot tub is better than anything else we have seen in an inflatable hot tub. You can connect your phone, set it up to use your Wi-Fi, play music through Alexa, ask Google for answers – and more. It is voice activated, too, so you can even use it without getting up to change the temperature setting… bliss!


The I-beam construction and steady base make this a long-lasting model. Some reviewers report that they had it for years. The addition of that warranty is a brilliant incentive since it guarantees your purchase for two years. Product security like that is hard to come by.

Spa Features and Airjets

This is the most advanced 6-person inflatable hot tub out there – and with it, Lay Z Spa decided to go backwards in the number of airjets. They have re-visited their old design and placement, adding more spaces between the jets but keeping them restricted in number. We think this is down to the fact that you can run both the bubbles and the heat at the same time in this model. This is a rare feature for an inflatable hot tub, so we say make use of it and grab it while you can.

Normally, you would have to switch the heat off to put the bubbles on, not with this model. That is something not to be sniffed at for this affordable of a price.

Safety Features

This hot tub comes with a safety warning against use by children under the age of 8 years old. If makes a great family pool for those with older children, however, since it fits up to six people. As with all Lay Z Spa hot tubs, it has an automatic cut off at 40 degrees centigrade. This means you will never be injured by a scalding spa. To make extra certain they do not roast anyone, the makers have a Ground Fault Detection System and a PRCD to stop you being hurt.

We also love the separation of that electrical system and the water. The digital part is on top of the air pump. Lay Z Spa are known for double-encasing those electronics to keep them safe from harm. We adore that they added in a set of safety instructions for those that were interested, too.

Warranties and Guarantees

There is a 2-year guarantee on this product that protects it against failure of parts. This means that if you take good care of your inflatable hot tub, they will replace or repair it, should something fail. The initial guarantee is for six months but you need to go online to their website and register your inflatable hot tub if you want to extend it to the full two years. This is worth doing just in case something goes wrong.

FAQs about the Lay Z Spa Milan

This section includes some of the most asked questions we hear regarding the Lay Z Spa Milan inflatable hot tub.

Q) How much does the Lay Z Spa Milan cost to run a week in electricity?

A) Customers who own the product estimate paying between £5-7 per week on the running costs.

Q) Can it run bubbles and heat at the same time?

A) Yes, the Milan inflatable hot tub for six people can run bubbles and heat at the same time.

Q) How many people can fit in the Lay Z Spa Milan?

A) The Milan is a 6-person hot tub. You could squeeze 8 in if they were small people.

What Customers Liked about the Lay Z Spa Milan?

We had a deep search of the internet to find out what other reviewers were saying about this inflatable hot tub. Here, we have compiled the things they mentioned they liked best about the Lay-z-spa Milan.

Great Value

A whopping 84% of reviewers on Amazon have given this tub a 5-star rating.

The Cushioning

Other clients report having that extra layer of comfortable cushioning on the bottom makes for a more pleasurable experience.

The Premium Experience

Users report the luxury of this tub to be like a premium spa experience.


It is much cheaper than buying a home hot tub that gets fitted into your house. There is that added portability feature, too.

The Chem Connect

Everyone likes the ease of use of the system, and that it keeps your hot tub clean.

The Setup

Setup times were fast, with under fifteen minutes mentioned repeatedly. This swift setup time was complemented by an easy-to-understand operating system.

The Heat

That 40 degrees is enough for most consumers. There is the option to turn it down, too, since some users reported it was a little on the hot side for them.

The Space

There is plenty of room for two couples in this spa. You can fit three couples, but two will be less of a squeeze.

The Build Quality

Most users found the dense fabric and I-beam construction to be exceptionally well made.

The Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi connection is fantastic and a great addition for many younger reviewers.

Voice Control Tech

They also loved the voice control factor and the ability to operate the hot tub through their mobile phones.

What Customers Disliked about the Lay Z Spa Milan?

Not everyone was entirely happy with their purchase. Below, we have covered some of the things that reviewers did not like so much.

The Warranty

Some people were not happy that they had to go online and extend their warranty. Instead, they forgot to do this part, then got unhappy with the product.

The Heating Time

It takes a long time to heat any hot tub you buy, and this just needs to be expected. It will only heat to a maximum of 2 degrees per hour, but this is fast in the inflatable hot tub world.

Our Verdict on the Lay Z Spa Milan

We have seen a lot of hot tubs come and go throughout the years, but this one really does go the extra mile. It is warm enough, easy to setup, comes with all the parts and even has instructions. It has a UK support team, can fit up to 6 people, and can support heat down to 4 degrees in temperature.

This hot tub is spacious, opulent, deluxe, and manages to please even the toughest customer. It is one of the highest-end models we have had the pleasure of reviewing. We adore the Wi-Fi and voice control, as well as the controls that can be activated through your phone. Let us face it, an inflatable hot tub is a pain if you forget to switch it on before you leave the house for work in the morning. The phone connection eliminates that problem so that you are always prepared. It is a nice touch from a firm who are already at the top of their market.

Where would we make improvements to the Lay Z Spa Milan? We would perhaps try and up the number of airjets, but we suspect that is where the Bestway hot tub is headed too next. We would love to see this model with the addition of the colour changing lights that we have on earlier inflatable hot tubs – but we are picking things apart here. The Milan is a fantastic to tub, big enough for everyone and safer than most others… We are leaving this review suitably impressed.

If you are interested in the other inflatable hot tubs from this brand that will comfortably fit 4-6 people, check out the Lay-Z-Spa Paris, Palm Springs, Vegas, Hawaii and Ibiza.

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