Lay-Z-Spa Paris Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Lay Z Spa Paris Review

Laz-Y-Spa Paris Inflatable Hot Tub SizeNever before have we reviewed a hot tub so positively reviewed that it is actually award-winning… but Bestway’s Lay-Z-Spa Paris inflatable hot tub is one of the market leaders. Bestway have been scoring hit after hit in the past few years when it comes to their outstanding value range of inflatable at-home hot tubs, so naturally we wanted to see how the Paris model stacks up.

We put the Paris through the wringer. Let’s see how it compares to previous Lay-Z-Spa models, and try and get to the bottom of all these rave reviews…

Why Buy A Hot Tub for Your Home?

A home hot tub is becoming a must-have for the home improvement fanatics out there. The best part of it all is that this home improvement feature can be uprooted and move home alongside you… so it’s not an investment that you have to leave behind.

Inflatable hot tubs bring about all the pure joy and pleasure of bathing in a hot tub in your own home – without the high end price tag that you would associate with it. The inflatable version has all the mod cons of the in-built models, but you don’t need to refurb your entire home in order to fit them in.

A home hot tub can be used to manage pain and chronic illness, to soothe an autistic child, and as a treatment for fibromyalgia. It gives you something to look forward to of an evening, that doesn’t necessarily involve eating or drinking too much. On top of all of this, it gives you something to invite your friends over for. Parties at your house will never quite be the same again…

Your neighbours will want to be you, your friends will never leave your house, and you will have another option for in-house entertainment. The home inflatable hot tub is the answer to so many problems… from what to do with autumnal evenings to how to keep the children amused for a few hours.

The inflatable hot tub can be placed both indoors or outdoors, depending on your space and your needs. It can be neatly stored away come winter and can even retain warmth for long periods of time. Another bonus point for the Lay-Z-Spa home hot tub is that it is more economically savvy than you might think.

So before you write off a hot tub as an unnecessary expense for your family, think of the hours of pleasure you will get from it. A hot tub seriously improves your quality of life. That being said, the choice in models you have is a little overwhelming for the untrained eye… so here’s what we think about the Lay-Z-Spa Paris version.

A Quick Rundown: Pros and Cons of the Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub

For those that are in a hurry, we put together the key takeaways so you can take them away.

Pros of the Lay-Z-Spa Paris:

  • The Price Point is great value for money
  • The temperature heats to 40 degrees using a rapid system
  • It fits 4-6 people comfortably, the whole family can bathe
  • The safety features and digital controls make it perfectly secure
  • Up to two years warranty if activated
  • Fantastic build quality, 3-ply durable liners
  • LED lighting system for colour changing fun
  • Easy to follow setup DVD
  • Patented Lay-Z-Spa airjet technology
  • Extra safe dual cover with clips

Cons of the Lay-Z-Spa Paris:

  • It takes a long time to drain and clean but does come with a dispenser for chemical cleaning to keep water purer for longer
  • Can be too heavy when filled for some flooring types, be careful and check weight bearing capabilities of flooring before deciding where to set it up.

What’s in the Box?

When you order this inflatable hot tub, you will receive a number of components all shipped to you in a box. They may be vacuum sealed to allow for ease of transportation. Vacuum packing means liners take up less space in the shipping process and thereby lowers the carbon footprint.

When your inflatable hot tub arrives, we suggest that you take it to the place you want to set it up before you begin to unbox the contents. Once inflated and filled, it is almost impossible to move. When you open the box, you should find the following components are included:

The Paris Airjet Liner

This part is the triple skinned airjet liner, which makes up the inner part of your inflatable hot tub. It is suitably shaped to accommodate between 4 and 6 people, although there is no reason you couldn’t use it as a couple or as a single person… but it is nice to have that extra space if friends come over.

The liner is light blue on the inside and white on the outside. It is able to inflate in as little as ten minutes, in order to be ready to fill up with water. Don’t forget that the LED lights included will chance the colour of that inner lining as they cycle through their colour range. This part of your new inflatable hot tub for the home will hold 945 litres of water.

The Paris Airjet Pump

The Airjet is Lay-Z-Spa’s own patented invention that is ergonomically designed to pump water around the pool, giving it that spa-time, bubbly feel. The Paris version of the airjet pump has 87 air jets incorporated into the design. This is more than enough to give you the spa-day feel in the comfort of your own home that we have all been looking for.

The Paris Airjet Pump attaches onto the side of the outer liner by way of a series of pipes and connections. These are straightforward to attach but do come with full instructions.

The Paris Bottom Exterior Cover

The outer liner is called the exterior cover on the Paris model, and comes in white and white alone. This classic colour choice allows for maximum efficacy of the LED lighting system, while simultaneously providing a tough hot tub protection unit that stops scuffs or tears from damaging your new hot tub. It is extra durable, thick, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Again, this Paris Airjet hot tub exterior liner is fully inflatable. It also comes with double bottom clips to attach the lid to, for ease of storage when not in use.

The Paris Airjet Inflatable Lid

When you purchase a new hot tub for your house, you want to make sure that it has a good cover system. The lid performs more than just keeping out leaves and other debris, the hot tub lid allows you to keep the heat in the tub, stop children or animals from falling in, and even allows you to close it while the cleaning system is in operation.

This lid is fully inflatable and perfectly sized for the Paris model.

The LED Lighting System

The box will contain your LED strip lighting system, which will come coiled up in a roll. run the lights around the pool as instructed, then plug them in to the airjet pump. Once connected, you can control the colour, speed that the colours change, and the brightness of the lights. You can even set them to flash, if you like.

The LED lighting strip is controlled by way of a waterproof remote control. You can keep this nearby and play with the lights while you are in the hot tub in order to find the most satisfying setting. Let’s just remind ourselves that waterproof means it would survive a dunk, though, and not be keeping our remote controls in the water.

Chem Connect Cleaning System

The Paris Lay-Z-Spa Airjet inflatable hot tub comes with a Chem Connect system. Again, this is the brainchild of the lay-z-spa team. It is filled with the chlorination chemicals capable of cleaning any indoor or outdoor hot tub and is let loose in the pool. It will float around, emitting cleaning chemicals when needed, to keep the levels in your pool safe for everybody.

Although not harmful, it isn’t fun to be batted in the face by a floating chemical pod, so you might want to clean while not in use. The chemicals themselves need to be bought separately but don’t cost much.

Filter Cartridges

In order to draw the dirt out of the hot tub, the Airjet Pump runs using one of these. The filter cartridge catches dirt and debris out of your hot tub while the water is going through the pumps. This means you get all the bubbles with a lot less of the cleaning.

Who are the Bestway Brand?

Bestway are an International retailer who provide products to more than 110 different countries on an international basis. They set up the Lay-Z-Spa brand as a daughter firm, specialising entirely on their range of inflatable hot tubs for home use. They then piled a small fortune into their research and development department, in order to keep us up-to-date with the best in home hot tub technology.

To date, the Airjet system and the Chem Connect cleaning pods have become symbols of the integrity of the lay-z-spa brand. We don’t think they will stop there, though. When you are the market leader in home use hot tubs, you don’t rest on your laurels. Every year, Bestway come out with bigger hot tubs, with better features, and the LED lighting system on the Paris model is just one example from a long line of incremental improvements to an already sound hot tub make.

Bestway and Lay-Z-Spa are well known in the industry, having a hard-earned reputation as a manufacturer of distinction. Arguably better than any of this is their devotion to pricing. Their whole company was set up based on the idea that people should be able to afford to buy a hot tub. When they set out, the only way to buy a hot tub was to order one built into your home. With the Lay-Z-Spa model’s arrival, this was quickly put to rest.

Nowadays you can have your hot tub in your house, then take it away with you when you move. You don’t lose a hot tub and you don’t need to repeat your purchase. That’s not just money saving – it’s smart. And we have Lay-Z-Spa to thank for it.

How Do You Set Up the Lay-Z-Spa Paris?

At any point, you can turn to the installation and setup DVD that is included with your purchase. This means you have guided, step-by-step instructions regarding how to make your Paris hot tub work.

It will come ready to be inflated and can be inflated within ten minutes using the air pump. We recommend that you take it into the room that you want to place it in, before you blow it up. The box is much easier to lift and manoeuvre than the fully inflated model! When it arrives, it will weigh around 39 kg. When filled with water, it will be far too heavy to move. Worse, moving it might tear the fabric, so it is important to place it where you need it before you blow it up. You should also ensure that you have an extension cable if running your home hot tub outdoors, or that you are within reach of an electricity outlet if you are indoors.

Once inflated, The Paris lay-z-spa hot tub will take up about two meters squared in space. We will look at the exact dimensions later. For now, make sure you have ample room for air to flow around your hot tub, regardless of where you want to keep it. When fully inflated, you can start to fill it with water. It will take up to 3 hours to fill, depending on the water pressure in your area… although usually it is much faster, here in the UK.

When filled – and only once filled – you can turn on the airjet filter system, set the heat using the digital control panel on top of the filter, and go about your day until the hot tub reaches its temperature. This model does incorporate a rapid heating system, so you are likely to be able to use it within a maximum of 48 hours. Again, these are safe estimates, and the actual time is likely to be much faster.

Features that are Included with the Lay-Z-Spa Paris

Now that we have covered what comes with the Lay-Z-Spa Paris home hot tub, we can talk about the best features it has. Each of the Bestway inflatable models has its own perks, but the Paris goes above and beyond the call of duty to present an eloquent, elegant, yet party-proof model of hot tub.

Some of the Stand-out features of the Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub are:

  • Heats to a whopping 40 degrees centigrade. Those who have used a hot tub before will know that this temperature is bordering on too hot.
  • Safety Cut Off – because nobody wants to be boiled inside their own hot tub, this one comes with a safety feature that stops it heating past 40 degrees.
  • Timer Control – you can set the hot tub to heat up in the morning, go to work, and come home to the idyllic temperature.
  • LED Lights – the LED strip lighting system means you can have an up-lit pool, whenever you like. You can cycle through a variety of colours, pulse it, or lock it to your favourite.
  • LED Light Remote Control – this waterproof feature lets you change the colour and speed of your lights while you laze in your hot tub.
  • 4-6 People – the fact that you can comfortable fit 6 people in the Paris Lay-Z-Spa model means you can have more friends over.
  • Safety Cover – the inflatable lid can be added to stop tiny fingers or animals from getting into the water. It clips on and includes the leatheroid cover, which secures it.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What to Look for When Buying a Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub?

Before you rush off and purchase the Paris inflatable hot tub, you should know what it is exactly that you are looking for. We stacked the Paris up against our regular categories of hot tub goodness, so you can have a quick glance through and see how it compares to other models.

Dimensions of the Paris Model

The Paris Lay-Z-Spa Airjet hot tub for your home is best used in an area where it has plenty of room around it for air to move freely. It gives off heat, so the space should also be well ventilated. Most inflatable hot tub owners like to keep them outdoors, in an outbuilding like a garage, so that they have the best of both worlds.

The Paris stands 64 centimetres tall when filled, has a width of 54 cm, and has a length of 71 cm. When filled, it will carry about 945 litres of water. It is made of durable vinyl that is simple to wipe clean. When unfilled, it weights about 39 kilograms. It will weigh much more than this when full and should not be moved after water has been added.

The Colour

The Paris is a plain white on the outer lining but has a tint of light blue on the inner lining. This colour difference means you have a classic design to look at from the outside, that will go with almost anything. It also means that the inside of the hot tub won’t dirty too quickly, like it would if it were plain white.

On top of this thoughtfully designed hot tub colour scheme, you are able to change the colour of the water or hot tub using that deluxe LED light system. The addition of a light changing system means that the Paris is the prettiest hot tub we have ever reviewed… so far.

Is it suitable for indoor and/or Outdoor use?

The Paris Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub for the home is suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors. We would recommend that you always inflate it in the room that you want it to stay in, and that you ensure good ventilation and adequate floor strength. 945 litres of water add up to a heavy hot tub when filled, be sure to double check how much of a load your floorboards can take before filling it indoors.

Digital Controls and Features

You have that digital remote control that operates the speed and colour of your lighting system, but you also have the digital controls on top of the airjet pump. These controls allow you to set the temperature and add a timer, so you can set the heater to start so that it is warm enough to use when you come home from work, for example… just a thought.

LED Lights

The LED Lights come in a variety of colours which they will cycle through. We know there is a pink, a blue, a green, a yellow, a red and a white, but there may be others. You can control them using the remote, which is waterproof but shouldn’t be kept in the water. The addition of these lights is what makes the Paris such an outstanding hot tub.

Temperature of the Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub

The temperature heats up to 40 degrees, which some people will say is actually a little too hot. Any hotter than this would definitely be uncomfortable. If you like your hot tub to be milder in temperature then don’t worry because there is a setting for that, too.

Safety Features

The Paris model will cut off at 40 degrees, so it never overheats. It can be set by timer to go on and off when you need it to. It includes the inflatable lid and a separate leatheroid cover so you can clip it shut and keep your family safe.

Warranty and Guarantees with the Lay-Z-Spa Paris

The Lay-Z-Spa Airjet series of hot tubs all come with a two year warranty as standard, as long as you go to the Bestway website and register your tub. There are multiple benefits to doing this, not least of which is that they have a list of lay-z-spa friendly technicians who can come and help you if something goes wrong.

Let’s not forget that the warranty will cover problems with design faults or electronics, but not with damage you have done yourself. If you place your filled hot tub on a weak floor and it falls through, Lay-Z-Spa are not gonged to pay the damages. If it tears over time when it shouldn’t, they will repair or replace it for you.

What Customers Love about this Inflatable Hot Tub

Customers loved several of the features, let’s have a quick review.

The Temperature

As always, Lay-Z-Spa are nailing the temperature for most of their clients. That 40 degrees is enough to be hot, without burning. Many users like it around 35 degrees instead, but it’s entirely at your control. You can increase, decrease, and it will never overheat.

The Safety

Which brings us to the safety of this model. It is well-built, sturdy, and made form durable materials. It comes with those covers so you can keep family members out of the hot tub, and cuts off instead of overheating, so you can keep the family in it, too.

The Size

With up to 6 people fitting into the Paris model, users loved the size of it. A whole family can fit into it fairly easily, especially if the kids are young. It is a great size for those that want a home hot tub specifically so they can invite their favourite couple friends’ round for a dinner party and a long soak. Since it has those lights, it’s also a great model for the bachelor or teenager’s party.

The Colours

The LED lights really add an air of elegance to this tub that many others just don’t have. When you turn it all off, it can act as a stand alone hot tub in your garden, where it is bright, clean white, reminiscent of a swimming pool. The Paris from Lay-Z-Spa is one of the prettiest models out there.

The Bubbles

With 87 different airjet bubbles hitting all the right notes, you can be assured that you will have enough on your bubbly plate to keep you satisfied. When added to the chem connect system, too, it all amounts to a fresher, safer, healthier experience.

What Customers Didn’t Like about this Hot Tub

It isn’t all fun and games, though. There are some small gripes to be found among the comments section. What’s the worst of it? Not nearly as bad as you might think.

The Cleaning

Even with Chem Connect, you will have to change the water in your hot tub once in a while. This is a big job that most people hate. It is best done outside, although this isn’t always possible. The hot tub does take a while to dirty and can be cleaned with the right hot tub cleaning equipment.

The Weight

Even when in the box, this hot tub can weigh nearly 40 kgs. That’s fairly heavy for your average office worker. If you are home alone, it might be best to wait for a friend or family member to arrive before you attempt setup.

FAQs About the Lay-Z-Spa Paris 4-6 Person Hot Tub

Last of all, we took a glance at the most commonly asked questions regarding the Paris model.

Q) How Do you Clean the Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub?

A) You can clean it using the filters in the air pump, so running this will slowly remove debris. Filters can then be removed and rinsed. You should also treat the water with a chem connect solution when not in use.

Q) Is the bottom of the Paris hot tub inflatable?

A) No, it is highly padded, so it does feel nice and comfortable, though.

Q) How often do I change the water in my home inflatable hot tub?

A) As often as you feel comfortable with. Some days, when in heavy use, the water level will slowly lower as people come and go and splash around. Check the water level every time you fill it up to ensure you aren’t getting not an empty pool!

Q) How do I connect it when it is outside?

A) Your Lay-Z-Spa hot tub will connect when it is outside with the help of a long running, outdoor-proof cable. Be sure your extension cable is waterproof or buy a new one.

Our Verdict on the Lay-Z-Spa Paris Inflatable Hot Tub!

The Paris version of the Lay-Z-Spa hot tub range lives up to its reputation as a sturdy, durable, classic-looking model. It is a great addition to any household and is one of the best-looking hot tubs we have ever reviewed – thanks to those flashy LED lights.

With 87 airjets, plenty of bubbles, and an auto-cleaning system, there really isn’t anything about this hot tub that puts you off. We estimate that it is best used for outdoors, although you can bring it inside. This is just because of the weight and the splashing associated with a home hot tub.

If you want a hot tub that is party-ready, can fit up to 6 people, and will last you for years, then Bestway’s Paris Lay-Z-Spa is an excellent start. It’s affordable and elegant, and it will make your friends, family, and neighbours jealous… what more could you possibly want?

If you are interested in the other inflatable hot tubs from his brand that will comfortably fit 4-6 people, check out the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas, Palm Springs, Hawaii, Milan and Ibiza.

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