Lay Z Spa Range Comparison – What are the Differences?

Lay Z Spa Range Comparison – What are the Differences?


Lay-z-spa are international superstars in the inflatable hot tub game. They are at the top of the league, so to speak. It is estimated that a third of all inflatable hot tubs sold in the world today are made by this single brand. When it comes to market dominance, they are the “Google” of the at-home-spa-equipment world.

But you are here because you know this already. You are here because you are torn between two, three, or all, of their wonderful inflatable hot tubs. You are at a loss to decide over which Lay-Z-Spa would best suit your home and needs, so you are coming to us for hot tub inspiration. Must fear. You will find the answers to your questions, right here.

Today, we want to review the current Lay-Z-Spa models on offer, on the market. Using our technique of side-by-side comparing, you will be able to pick out the best ones for you at-a-glance. This is inflatable hot tub shopping but not as you know it… It’s inflatable hot tub shopping for those in a rush.

So, let’s dig in. We will start with the brand themselves, then move on to explore what separates each of their award-winning inflatable hot tubs.

Who are Lay Z Spa?

Lay-Z-Spa came about as a daughter company of Bestway, a specialist in high quality sport and leisure equipment. They have offices in more than 110 countries around the world and have been producing these wonderful home hot tubs since 1994. Currently, they have three subsidiaries: the Bestway Above Ground Pool company, the Bestway Airbeds & Furniture company, and Lay-Z-Spa, who focus entirely on hot tubs and their provision.

Lay-Z-Spa have a third of the world market in inflatable hot tubs, but more than this – they have near complete domination of the UK market. There are very few competitors, but there are other choices. Nevertheless, they retain this leadership role because of the quality and longevity of their home spa systems.

With such a lengthy history behind them, Bestway officially established Lay-Z-Spa (and SaluSpa, their US equivalent) in 2007. They invest heavily in patents, research, and new technology. In fact, many of the features we see on other hot tub brands are taken from Lay-Z-Spa patents. That rapid heating technology, airjets, and the placement and housing of the digital control panel can all be attributed to this single brand.

Other features that make Lay-Z-Spa attractive to buyers include customer support in more than a hundred different countries, award-winning systems, and free delivery on most of their products. The parts that you do need to replace (such as filter cartridges) are all reasonably priced, and they work hard to ensure their products are as environmentally friendly as can be.

Why choose Lay-Z-Spa? No. Why would you entertain choosing something else?

What Lay Z Spa Hot Tubs Have in Common?

Before we look at each individual model of hot tub to see where they differ, let’s remind ourselves of the things that each Lay-Z-Spa model has in common. Below are the features that all of them share.

Things all Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tubs have in common:

  • The temperature – Each of the inflatables offered by this brand have a maximum temperature of 40 degrees centigrade.
  • The ease of use – set up, fill up, maintain temperature, and take it down in winter. Easy.
  • Safety Features – every Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub comes with two lids and a digital control screen that is removed from the hot tub by being located on the air pump. The two lids lock out little fingers for extra safe storage.
  • Indoor and outdoor use – every Lay-Z-Spa hot tub we have come across relies on both indoor and outdoor use. Set it up in your garden or use in a wet room or garage for an indoor spa experience.
  • Durability and build quality – these inflatable hot tubs are built to last, with some consumers reporting five years use or more with proper care.
  • Fast setup – using the air pump that comes with the hot tub, connect the liners and watch the whole thing inflate itself. Then it’s just a question of adding water, waiting for it to heat up, and getting inside.
  • Rapid Heating – Lay-z-spa hold several patents; one is for a speedy heating system that pushes your hot tub temperature up to a maximum heat increase of two degrees per hour.
  • Thermal retention – those covers and liners that add to the safety of your hot tub, also help to keep the heat in. This costs you less in the long run-in terms of bills.
  • Extendable warranties – your warranty will be for six months but if you go online and extend it, it can increase to two years.
  • Chem connect chemical dispersal system – which you fill periodically with chlorine to ensure your hot tub is bacteria free.

The Different Lay-Z-Spa Models and their Specs

Now that we know what unites the Lay-Z-Spa brand, let’s talk about comparing them. What are the differences between each one and how do you choose the right hot tub for you?

Paris [4-6 people]

Best for parties

lay z spa paris

  • Size: Fits 4-6 people
  • Price Range: Mid-range (roughly £350)
  • Colours (inner/outer): Off-white/white
  • Airjets: 87
  • Dual Operation: No
  • Special Features: Colour changing LED light with Remote Control

The Paris is one of Lay-Z-Spa’s earlier models and, because of the colour changing LED lights inside, has often been referred to as the party tub. It has a water capacity of 250 gallons (or 945 litres) which is more than enough for a full family of 6.

The Paris has 87 airjets which keeps the water bubbly, but you cannot use the heat and bubbles at the same time. It includes an auto start/stop and timer digital control set, and that light comes with a remote control.

Who is the Paris best for?

The Paris inflatable hot tub is best for those who want hot tubs to hire out to parties and events. It is good for a family of 4-6 and is brilliant for young people who want a place to party.

You can read a detailed review of the Lay-Z-Spa Paris, here.

Vegas [6 people]

Best for large families

lay z spa vegas

  • Size: Fits 6 people
  • Price Range: Mid-Range (usually around £449)
  • Colours (inner/outer):  Off-white inner and outer
  • Airjets:  140
  • Dual Operation:  No
  • Special Features: Freeze Shield tech and circular beam construction

The Vegas model is a great hot tub for those who want high-end luxury for a lower price. It doesn’t have the flashy lighting of the Paris, nor does it have the dual operation of the higher priced Lay-z-spas. Instead, it has many more airjets per meter squared than others of its size.

The Vegas will fit your whole family, providing there are less than 6 of you. It can take about 8 if some of them are kids, but we wouldn’t advertise this officially. The circular beam construction gives a stable base that won’t budge an inch once set up, and it comes with that Freeze shield technology.

Be warned though, the Freeze Shield protects your hot tub down to temperatures of 4-5 degrees. You can’t leave this hot tub setup all winter without damaging the electronics.

Who is the Vegas best for?

Large families who want to extend their home into the garden, holiday homes, glamping sites, and events. If you can never get rid of your teenager’s friends, this might be the inflatable hot tub you need.

You can read our detailed review on the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas inflatable hot tub, here.

Miami [2-4 people]

Best for couples

  • Size: Fits 2-4 people
  • Price Range: Affordable (around £250)
  • Colours (inner/outer): Light blue/dark blue
  • Airjets: 120
  • Dual Operation: No
  • Special Features: Freeze Shield Technology, Duraplus Fabric

The Lay-z-spa Miami is a slightly smaller model that aims to fit a maximum of four adults. The Freeze Shield technology ensures it can run all year round (if you leave the temperature on!) and the energy-saving timer will switch off while not in use to save on your energy bills.

The Duraplus fabric is an attempt to prevent eventual, long-term damage caused by sun exposure. In southern England and Europe this is an issue. In the northern regions, this is not so much of a problem. Nevertheless, the thicker, denser fabric makes for a denser hot tub with better cushioning and prevention against damage.

Who is the Miami best for?

This inflatable hot tub is best suited to young couples who want to entertain, or to the small family that don’t intend expanding. They are ideal for luxury holiday homes and accommodations that are suited to romantic getaways.

If you want to learn more about the Lay-Z-Spa Miami hot tub, you can read our detailed review here!.

Palm Springs [4-6 people]

Best for corporate events

lay z spa palm springs

  • Size: 4-6 person
  • Price Range: Mid-range (around £300)
  • Colours (inner/outer): Off-white/light brown
  • Airjets: 120
  • Dual Operation:  Yes
  • Special Features: Quick drain system, ground sheet, dual operation

We love a great dual operation hot tub. If it can run bubbles without losing out on heat, then we are so there for it. This hot tub isn’t suitable for children under 8 years old just in case it is too hot, or then get their fingers on those controls.

It has 120 airjets, more than enough to do the job, and that light brown colour is like a wooden finish, which makes it blend in outdoors. It comes with three-ply (tri-tech) fabric to stop it ripping, and you can set it up inside of ten minutes. It’s a great capacity model that isn’t suitable for the young family… if you have older kids though, what’s stopping you?

Who is the Palm Springs best for?

Those that want to have a hot tub that both bubbles and heats at the same time will appreciate the Palm Springs. However, those with kids under 8 will have a constant fight to keep them out of it. Best for large groups and corporate events.

You can read a detailed review on the Palm Springs inflatable hot tub by following this link.

Monaco [6-8 people]

Best for larger groups

Lay-Z-Spa Monaco Inflatable Hot Tub

  • Size: Fits 6-8 people
  • Price Range: Affordable
  • Colours (inner/outer): Light blue/dark blue
  • Airjets:  86
  • Dual Operation: No
  • Special Features: Huge space – fits 407 gallons of water

If you are looking to buy an inflatable hot tub that you can fit 8 people in easily, then the Monaco is your best bet. It is simple yet effective, being one of the earlier Bestway/Lay-Z-Spa giant hot tub models. It has over twice the water volume capacity than other home hot tubs, but other than its impressive size, there seems to be no other outstanding features.

The simplicity of this hot tub can be put down to advancements made since it was introduced. It doesn’t come with the rapid heating system or any colour changing lights. It does have that 40-degree cut off and a full digital control panel. It will take 48 hours to heat up on the first fill because of the size of it.

Who is the Monaco best for?

Those that want a basic – but large – model of home hot tub will benefit from Monaco. This is a hot tub akin to a swimming pool. If you need hot tubs for a large group of people, this will do nicely.

You can read more about the Monaco on our pages, should you want a full review.

Milan [4-6 people]

Best for the tech savvy

  • Size: Fits 4-6 people
  • Price Range: High-End (around £300)
  • Colours (inner/outer):  Light blue/dark blue
  • Airjets: 80
  • Dual Operation: Yes
  • Special Features: Wi-Fi connectivity, Freeze Shield Tech, 72-hour advances timer, re-invented airjet dispersal system

The Milan is an impressive hot tub that has had the addition of Bluetooth built in. It is Wi-Fi compatible via the app, and you can switch it on no matter where you are… via your phone. You can set timers for up to three days in advance, and it comes with the same temperature protection down to 4 degrees as some of their other models.

The team at Lay-Z-Spa have taken another pass at the airjets since they released the others, so that the Milan benefits from the new system even though it has less airjets. The dual operation means you get bubbles and heat at the same time, representing the height of luxury… just like everything else this model brings to the table.

Who is the Milan hot tub best for?

Those with families between 4 and 6 people strong, those whose older children’s friends like to come round after school often. People who want to entertain as couples or as a family, and those that want a good-sized pool that they can work using their phone. Now, that means Millennials love it.

You can read a detailed review by seeing our page on the Milan hot tub.

Cancun [2-4 people]

Best for young couples

lay z spa cancun

  • Size: Fits 2-4 people
  • Price Range: High-end (£230)
  • Colours (inner/outer): Off-white/rattan effect grey
  • Airjets: 120
  • Dual Operation:  Yes
  • Special Features: Freeze Shield Tech, Duraplus fabric, dual op, 5-minute setup

The Cancun inflatable hot tub is the second in our list today to have that special dual operation status. You can run both heat and bubbles at the same time, without having to lose either when you make the switch between them both.

There are 120 of the new airjets in the Cancun, with it being aimed at couples who want to entertain. It has more airjets per square metre than many of the other models of lesser price but doesn’t have the phone connectivity of the better models.

All in all, the Cancun is a nice mid-range for a nice price. You can read more about it on our detailed pages.

Who is the Cancun best for?

The Cancun inflatable hot tub is best for those young couples with a contemporary home, who want a stylish hot tub to entertain with on weekends. If you are running a private getaway accommodation of a romantic nature, this will do nicely.

Saint Tropez [4-6 people]

Best for entertainers

lay z spa st tropez

  • Size:  Fits 4-6 people
  • Price Range: Mid-range (between £550-£700)
  • Colours (inner/outer): Light blue/dark blue
  • Airjets: 87
  • Dual Operation: Yes
  • Special Features: Floating LED light, Energy Saving Timer

The Saint Tropez is like a more modern version of the Lay-z-spa Paris. While the lighting in the Paris is up lighting, this one does the same Led colour changing lighting, but in a floating light. There are a few other upgrades, too. Extra cushioning on the floor, an energy saving timer, and the new and improved airjet, too.

This model has that improved under-5-minute inflation time, comes with the rapid heating, and won the UK pool and spa award in 2018 when it was launched. Again, this isn’t suitable for children under 8 years of age, just in case.

Who is the Saint Tropez hot tub best for?

They make great party tubs for events organisers. They are great for couples who like to entertain often, or for families with older teens.

You can read a more detailed report on the Saint Tropez inflatable hot tub on our pages.

Siena [2 people]

Best for singletons

lay z spa siena

  • Size: Fits 2 people
  • Price Range: Mid-range (£450-600)
  • Colours (inner/outer): Off-white/teal blue
  • Airjets: 127
  • Dual Operation: Yes
  • Special Features: Dual op, timer control

The Siena is the perfect hot tub for those that like an intimate, romantic hot tub with all the frills. It doesn’t have the Wi-Fi of other tubs, but it has ultimate compatibility with the modern couple. There is a table that attaches and detaches across the centre to allow for storage of your personal items. The outer walls are cushioned enough to rest your head on, and it has that luxurious dual op heating and spa jet system.

The Siena’s novelty is its shape. It has been ergonomically devised to give each person their own space, while allowing you to remove that table and get comfortable if you want to. The rapid heating system on this hot tub has been improved but you have lost a year in warranty. Keep an eye on those details when making the final choice. It sports ten-minute setup, an automatic timer, and insulated covers, too.

Who is the Siena inflatable hot tub best for?

The Siena is ideal for two, or perhaps a single person. Although you could fit a small child in, too, we don’t suggest you have anyone under the age of 8 in your hot tub. This is the ideal model for those offering luxury forest lodges.

Hawaii [4-6 people]

Best for larger families

  • Size: Fits 4-6 people
  • Price Range: High-end (£475)
  • Colours (inner/outer):  off-white/royal blue
  • Airjets: 120
  • Dual Operation: Yes
  • Special Features: Dual op

The Hawaii model is a strikingly bold blue, ideal for anyone who wants to announce to their neighbours that they have bought a pool! It has the luxury of dual operation for both bubbles and heat, comes with a whopping 120 airjets, and has the redesign of the newer tech.

The Hawaii can easily fit 6 people and sets up in less than ten minutes. It’s made from the TriTech 3ply fabric to prevent ripping, comes with that I-beam durable construction, and even has a setup DVD included in the pack in case you get stuck.

Who is the Hawaii best for?

We recommend the Hawaii hot tub for bigger families who want a little luxury in their lives. If you are outfitting a family lodge or bell tent/yurt, this is a must have hot tub.

You can read more about the Hawaii model on our pages by following this link.

Helsinki [5-7 people]

Best for large families & events

  • Size: 5-7 person
  • Price Range: High-end (£500)
  • Colours (inner/outer): Off-white/ brown wooden effect
  • Airjets: 87
  • Dual Operation: Yes
  • Special Features: Huge 1123 litre capacity, Freeze Shield Tech, Ground Fault Detection System

With dual op and rapid heating, this 7-person hot tub could be fully ready to submerge into within 48 hours of arrival to your home. You do need to give it extra heating time but that’s down to the size of it. You have an in-built timer, anti-freeze tech down to 4 degrees, and a fully UK based team of support staff should something go wrong.

The Helsinki is a perfect garden or home model because of the eye-catching wooden effect on the outer liner. Arguably one of the safer hot tubs on the market, it contains Lay-Z-spa’s state of the art ground detection safety system capable of keeping you safe. You can fit 7 people in this tub. If you are shopping for a family reunion, large event, or even a hot tub for a wedding party, this could do the trick.

Who is the Helsinki best for?

The Helsinki model from Lay-z-spa is best for groups of 7 or more, if you want more than one. Large events, showcases, and even holiday home rentals, should all equip one of these to attract custom.

We will have a full review of the Helsinki on our page soon.

St Moritz [5-7 people]

Best for large families & events

  • Size:  5-7 person
  • Price Range: Mid-Range (£480)
  • Colours (inner/outer): Light blue/rattan wood brown
  • Airjets: 140
  • Dual Operation:  Yes
  • Special Features: Dual op, huge capacity, high number of jets

If you want that same huge volume and high capacity, but you want to add in a few more airjets, you can splash out on the St. Moritz model, instead. This 5–7-person inflatable hot tub has an energy saving timer built in, so you don’t spend more on your bills than you have to. It has a 7-metre cable so you can run it outside and sets up in ten minutes or less.

The dual operation is fantastic, allowing bubbles while you have a heat soak. The 7-person capacity makes it one of the largest in the whole range, with an impressive 1190 litres volume. It’ safe, sturdy, and comes with the ground sheet to keep you extra cushioned.

Who is the St Moritz best for?

You should think about this hot tub if you want a super-stylish model that is large enough for a big family or event. You might want it as an inflatable that fits in with wooden backgrounds, such as a log cabin, for example.

We will have a review of the St Moritz model up on our page soon!

Maldives [5-7 people]

Best for aromatherapy

lay z spa maldives

  • Size: Fits 5-7 people
  • Price Range: High-End (£999)
  • Colours (inner/outer):  off-white/brown
  • Airjets:  140 airjets and 8 multi directional hydrojets
  • Dual Operation: Yes

Special Features:  Hydro massage system, integrated foot massager, inflatable seating area, LED lights

The Maldives is easily the most luxurious of the Lay-z-spa models so far. It comes with enough room for you and all the family, it has a stylish brown wood effect finish on the outer liner, and it even comes with two colour changing LED lights to make your experience more spa-like.

The heat and bubbles operate at the same time on this opulent model. It sports a full 140 different airjets of the updated variety, and even adds in 8 omnidirectional hydrojets that can deliver bursts of massaging water directly to the source of your pain.

Who is the Maldives hot tub best suited to?

This inflatable hot tub is the ultimate spa for those that want a hot tub for medical reasons. You can both sit comfortably and lie down in this hot tub. It is easy to section off and get in and out of. If you suffer from arthritis and don’t want to justify the expense – but do have a big family – this is your tub.

Barbados [4 people]

Best for small families

lay z spa barbados

  • Size: Fits up to 4 people
  • Price Range: Affordable (Between £600 and £750)
  • Colours (inner/outer): Off white/ light grey
  • Airjets: 120
  • Dual Operation: Yes
  • Special Features: Dual operation, Energysense insulated liner, Wi-Fi controlled, advanced safety, built in cup holders, energy saving timer

This model of inflatable hot tub for your home comes with all the premium Lay-z-spa features. With 120 airjets, there’s more than enough bubbles to keep everyone happy. There are the same number of jets on this four-person model as there are on some of their six person versions, so it really is worth your while.

This is an affordable portable hot tub that can be controlled by way of the Apple and Android apps. It has Duraplus fabric for better UV protection, comes with a built-in cup holder which you would normally have to buy separately, and has that Energysense heat saving insulation, to boot.

Who is the Barbados inflatable best for?

Those who want all the best features for a reasonable price. Small families and couples who want to entertain other couples. It is a romantic tub, too.

Keep an eye on our pages for more on the Barbados, coming soon.

Ibiza [4-6people]

Best for a square shaped area

lay z spa ibiza

  • Size: Fits up to 6 people
  • Price Range: Affordable (£169)
  • Colours (inner/outer):  off white/teal blue
  • Airjets: 140
  • Dual Operation: Yes
  • Special Features: Duraplus fabric, Freeze Shield, energy saving timer. Dual op

Lay-Z-Spa built this model with the idea that the Ibiza would be their most affordable luxury model of inflatable hot tub yet. As a result, they came up with a reasonably simple tub that has all the mod cons you might expect from a Lay-z-spa.

It comes with I-beam construction coupled with the duraplus, UV protective fabric. It has 140 airjets – an amazingly high number for the price, and even sports an energy saving timer so that you don’t burn excess fuel for nothing. It also comes in an alternative shape, being great for those that need something squarer.

Who is the Ibiza hot tub best for?

We suggest those that have a medium-large family and a square space to fill, instead of a round one, try the Ibiza. It’s a great price for what it does, so they are good buys for those who need more than one hot tub.

The Verdict on Inflatable hot tubs by Lay-Z-Spa

Lay-Z-Spa are the world leaders in inflatable hot tub provision for a reason. They bring excellence, quality of build, and an intricate system of customer support that spans over a hundred different countries. If you can’t get what you want in an inflatable hot tub through them, then it is unlikely that you will find it anywhere.

We hope, at least, that we have helped you to decide.

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