Lay Z Spa St Moritz Inflatable Hot Tub- Definitive Review

Lay Z Spa St Moritz

Lay Z Spa St Moritz Inflatable Hot Tub- Definitive Review


Lay Z Spa St Moritz

We provide consumer focused reviews of all types of inflatable hot tubs for your home? Why? We too have felt the warm embrace of a hot tub after a long shift. We know the feeling of wanting to relax – quietly – in the luxurious setting you can only find in your own home. We know what it is like to need more space, to want to upgrade your home, but to not be able to afford any of it.

Which led us to start exploring the wonderful world of inflatable hot tubs. Join us, as we review the latest model in our long line of Lay-Z-Spas. Today, we are examining the St. Moritz.

Is an inflatable hot tub a worthwhile investment?

We often get asked whether or not the inflatable hot tub is worth buying. Is it worth your time? Do they cost a lot to run? Are they as good as the real thing? There are a constant barrage of questions that surround the inflatable hot tub – but we hope we can clear a few of them up for you today.

First of all, how much does it cost? Monetarily speaking, you will pay more for that fitted tub than you will for an inflatable, from the outset. Ongoing costs, however, will be less for the inflatable tub. Why? You spend less time changing the water. You don’t heat fresh water every time you use it, either. Rather, you put the water in, bring it to temperature, and never let it fully cool until you put it away again in the winter.

On one hand, you will pay more to have the fitted tub installed, then pay more in electricity over time. You will, however, increase the value of your home by putting it in. Not so with the inflatable. On the other hand, if you do move home with the inflatable, it is portable enough that you can pack it up and take it with you. It doesn’t cost as much to run long term, either.

There is a downside when it comes to freezing temperatures, though, With any outdoor hot tub, you need to pack it away for winter so it doesn’t freeze. With fitted outdoor tubs, you would have an inbuilt switch that kept the tub running to avoid freezing – or even an enclosure that effectively makes them safe from the cold.

Is an inflatable hot tub worth your time? We would say it is worth more than a fitted tub. It costs less time to set up and run than a fitted tub would. Even if it takes 12 hours to heat the water after your tub has been filled, this is still a full week quicker than how long it would take before you could use your fitted hot tub… plus there’s a lot less rubble involved.

Last but not least… is the inflatable hot tub as good as the real thing? That really does depend on which model you buy. If you opt for an everyday value or budget model, then you can expect run-of-the-mill features. If you spend a little more and opt for the mid-range inflatable hot tub, however,  you can be sure of a whole range of interesting features for you to play with.

Is the inflatable hot tub as good as the real thing? We think so. Admittedly, we are a little bit biased… Nevertheless, there are thousands of happy customers who agree with us – and who do so while sipping margaritas in their own personal hot tub.

A Quick Overview of the Lay Z Spa St Moritz Inflatable Hot Tub

We know that some of our readers are in a hurry and don’t want to read through pages of script for the answers. With this in mind, here are the fast points that you need to be aware of , regarding the St Moritz hot tub.

Pros of the Lay Z Spa St Moritz inflatable hot tub:

  • The Lay Z Spa St Moritz comes with 140 airjets that blast bubbles onto your body in a massaging motion.
  • It is a 5-7 person tub with a high water volume (314 gallons)
  • It is a Dual Operation tub, meaning you can keep the heat on while you enjoy the bubbles.
  • 6 month warranty extendable up to two years when you register your hot tub.
  • UK aftersales teams renowned for speed and reliability.
  • Chem Connect chemical dispersal system and rapid heating of up to two degrees per hour.
  • 40 degree max temperature with in-built energy saving timer that plots up to 72 hours in advance.
  • Ideal for either outdoor or indoor use.
  • Rattan weave effect brown exterior with a mosaic flooring on the interior liner.
  • Tool free setup in less than a quarter of an hour.
  • TriTech fabric which is three ply for longer lasting use.
  • I-Beam construction for a tougher hot tub.
  • Leather cover and inflatable lid come as standard safety features.

Cons of the Lay Z Spa St Moritz inflatable hot tub:

  • It’s exceptionally heavy when filled so isn’t really suitable for ordinary flooring without reinforcement – although it is suitable for indoor use.
  • It needs at least 7 metres squared of space to account for airflow.
  • It isn’t fun to clean a hot tub. It’s less fun to have no hot tub to clean.

As you can see, the good points of the St Moritz inflatable hot tub from Lay-Z-Spa far outweigh the bad.

What comes in the Lay Z Spa St Moritz Box?

Let’s go back to the beginning now and look at each item, as it arrives. When you order your hot tub, expect it to arrive within 8-10 working days. When it does show up, it will come in a box with each item individually wrapped. We recommend you take it to the area you are going to keep it in before you inflate it as it is difficult to move afterwards.

The following items should arrive in the box with your hot tub order.

The liners

We mentioned above that the outer liner has a wooden weave effect known as a rattan pattern. This allows for an elegant finish that blends with almost all surroundings. The outer liner is that touch TriTech, 3 ply fabric that is actually a patent of Lay-Z-Spa. The inner liner is also made of this material but it is more cushioned for a comfortable inner tub.

The liners are plenty tough – but that doesn’t mean you should take their durability for granted. We always recommend that some soft foam padding, a ground sheet, or some other protective surface should be added to the ground before you place your hot tub on top. This allows for more cushioning and better durability of your purchase.

The Lids

Lay Z Spa St Moritz lid

Lay-Z-Spa have a habit of including two lids. The first, an insulated lid meant to keep the heat in. It is inflatable, just like the rest of the hot tub, and will act as a good way to keep out dirt when you hop out to fill up your wine glass. The second lid is made from a leatheroid material which is better at protecting the tub when it is being stored for longer periods. The lid will buckle on top of the hot tub via four clasps on the sides. This cover should be used when your hot tub is not in use, to prevent debris, animals, or even children, from falling in there.

The Floater

Nicer than you think, the floater is the Chem Connect system that disperses the chlorine and therefore keeps your hot tub safe and bacteria free. If you order a hot tub, we suggest that you purchase chlorine tablets in  advance of its arrival. However, some models of Lay-Z-Spa come with chlorine to get you started, some don’t . We aren’t sure if the St Moritz is one or the other, so we would recommend you stock up in advance.

Chem connect is another lay-z-spa patented piece of technology. It floats around the hot tub and does its job. All you have to do is top it up once in a while.

The Filter Cartridge

All hot tubs have filters in them. This is where the water passes through before it hits the air pump, to make sure there isn’t any debris in it that might block the filter. Your new hot tub should come with at least one of these in the pack. A new packet of three costs about ten pounds. You should wash the filter every time you use your hot tub to make it last longer, and replace it every two months or so.

The Air Pump System

The air pump for the St Moritz inflatable hot tub is brown to match that outer liner rattan pattern. It has the digital control panel on top of it, since this is the distance farthest from the water and therefore the best place for electronics.

The St Moritz comes with 140 airjets, all of which operate when you connect the liners to the pump and activate it. The hot tub is inflated by the air pump, so there’s less manual labour for you!

The Air Protector Pad

The St Moritz inflatable hot tub comes with an air protector pad that you can use to place your hot tub on top of. This gives it extra protection against the earth underneath, allowing for greater durability to your hot tub. It makes the ground beneath you fell better cushioned, too.

Instructional DVD

Just in case you are confused over the setup process, there is an instructional DVD included with your purchase. You can also find plenty of information online if you get stuck.

The aim of the package that includes the Lay Z Spa St Moritz hot tub for your home, is that it has everything in it that you need to get setup and started. You should be able to plug it in, fill it up, leave it to heat, and be in the hot tub, enjoying the fruits of your labour, within 12 hours tops.

The Bonus Tip – Hot Tubs with Lids On Heat Faster

Always leave your hot tub lids on while you are heating the water. This allows you to get more for your money, save on energy, and get into your new tub to enjoy it – faster!

A bit about Bestway and Lay Z Spa

The lay-z-spa brand are actually a subsidiary of the much larger Bestway corporation. The Bestway brand caters to leisure activities and outdoor equipment, with Lay-Z-Spa focusing on the inflatable hot tub range. There are four separate branches of Bestway, so Lay-z-Spa is just one arm of a massive machine.

The Bestway brand was set up back in the mid nineties, but the Lay-Z-Spa brand didn’t come around until the early 2000’s. Since then, they have been fully in charge of exploring all of the new technology that has come about as a result. The airjet, is one belonging to them. The rapid heating system is another, as is the inner and outer liner combination that we usually see, which allows their product to pump air throughout the tub.

Interestingly, Lay-Z-Spa were also one of the first inflatable hot tub manufacturers who managed to combine dual functions. They were there at the start of the heating + bubbles revolution that has only happened in the last decade. For a firm with nearly thirty years of experience, we suspect we will see a lot more to come.

One of the best things about this brand is that they make hot tubs for every price point. Be it a two person or a ten person, they offer a high end and a low end model. They really cater to what you can afford, then they offer a range of accessories so you can add to your investment over time. It’s a luxury purchase that you can keep improving… and let’s not forget that 2 year warranty when you register with them on their website.

Features of the Lay Z Spa St Moritz

All of the inflatable hot tubs made by Lay-Z-Spa now come with standard features. For example, that rapid heating patent that they own is applied to every new model made in the last decade or so. This means we all get to benefit from a less than 48 hour heat up time, which other manufacturers still occasionally carry.

Another feature they all agree on is the 40 degree heating system. Any more and you run the risk of scalding the occupants. Any less, and there are those who will tell you it isn’t hot enough. Lay-z-spa hot tubs are all made to be used with accessories. There are tables, drinks holders, pockets, and floating lights. Each component fits onto your inflatable, to make the home spa experience more palatable.

On the other hand, there are those features which set certain tubs apart from the crowd. For the Lay Z Spa St Moritz, we listed some of the standout features, that really make it pop.

Standout features of the Lay Z Spa St Moritz

  • There are 140 airjets on this model. That’s twice as much as some and only a hand’s breadth from the best in the business.
  • Fits 5-7 people, holds a whopping 1190 litres of water.
  • Single liner – unlike most doublers – made of TriTech patented fabric, 3 ply thick.
  • Only 44.5 kilograms in weight when not inflated. Easy to life between you and one other person.
  • Less than 15 minute set up and we are being generous. The manufacturer states 10 minutes. Do it with the DVD and they are likely right.
  • Eye-catching rattan exterior and interior mosaic pattern to disguise dirt.
  • Chem Connect chemical dispersal system comes with this model.
  • Air Pad protector that inflates for your hot tub to sit on top of, giving added protection against the ground.

How to Setup your new Inflatable Hot Tub?

Once your new hot tub arrives, you should take it to the space you are going to set it up in permanently, before you begin to unpack it. Once you have inflated it, moving it is troublesome. Once filled with water? Moving it is impossible. You may wish to get someone to help you manoeuvrer because it will weigh nearly 45 kg at this point.

First of all, unroll that air pad protector and decide where you are going to place it. Before you place it finally, ensure there is no debris on the ground underneath. Sticks and rocks can puncture your hot tub if you’re not careful. Unroll the mat then the single liner, which goes on top. The mosaic side should be facing upwards.

Once all the vinyl parts are laid out flat, you can connect the air pump and ensure that it is tuned to set up/air only. Plug it in, switch it on, and within ten minutes it will be fully inflated. At this point, you can start filling your hot tub with water. Do this by running a hose into the tub for best results. There is no point using hot water because it will cool by the time the tub is filled. As soon as the tub is more than 80% filled, you can turn on the heat. If you wanted to help it along, adding hot water at this point might work.


Buyer’s Guide to theLay Z Spa St Moritz Hot Tub

In this section, we have tried to talk you through each of the aspects of buying the St Moritz inflatable hot tub. If you are trying to determine which inflatable is right for you, checking the other tubs we have on offer and consulting this section will help you do so.


The cable length is good for a start. At 7 metres, it will give you more than enough distance between you and the outlet. This minimises the risk of splashes that could short out your electricity.

The tub itself holds more than 1,109 litres, which will weigh about a thousand kilograms. This means you should place it outside, or on a solid floor like a concrete garage or a downstairs stone wet room. It needs to be within 7 metres of a power source and have about a metre of extra space around it in the room, for airflow purposes.

The St Moritz Lay-Z-Spa is 71 centimetres in height, which should come up to your chest or thereabouts. It is 216 cm by 216 cm in length and width.


The St Moritz inflatable hot tub is an indoor and an outdoor suitable model. If used outdoors, consider the Lay Z Spa dome to keep dirt and debris – as well as those UV rays – off it. If indoors, remember how much it will weigh when filled with water, before you put it in your attic. Be sensible about placement.


Like all Lay Z Spa models, this one comes with a maximum of 40 degrees centigrade. This is too hot for some, but there are still those few who want it even hotter. We say 40 degrees is enough to make you breathless. Nobody wants to be scalded.

Spa Features

With 140 airjets for just over a thousand litres of water, that’s more than enough to make each person feel fully massaged, even if the tub is full. These are the newer airjets, too. Lay-z-spa recently redesigned them to disperse bubbles more evenly. If you want an in-home spa that doesn’t cost a bomb or take days to fit, then this one has everything you need.

Safety Considerations

There is the double lid situation for added safety. The inflatable hot tub lid keeps out dirt and dust while you hop into the house for a moment. The leatheroid cover safely buckles onto your inflatable hot tub, to stop  little fingers from getting inside it when it’s not in use.

The digital control panel is often double sealed inside the top compartment of the air pump for added safety. As a further measure, the controls are at the farthest point from the water. The cable is 7 metres to give plenty of length away from the power source… and if it goes above 40 degrees centigrade the hot tub will cut off.

Digital Control Panel

As we mentioned, it is as far from the water as possible. Digital controls include a power saving timer which can be set up to 72 hours in advance. If you want to use the tub after work, you can turn it on via mobile app, or set the timer before you go out in the morning.


This model is only available with the rattan basket woven effect on the outside. This comes in brown, with the inner mosaic liner in multicoloured splendour.

Air Protector Pad

We made a special mention for the air protector pad here, simply because most hot tub models don’t come with them. On the majority of occasions you would be taking care of the ground sheet yourself. When you buy the St Moritz, this is taken care of on your behalf. Acting as a ground sheet, it protects your inflatable hot tub from damage from below.

Warranties and Guarantees

There is a six month warranty for parts and defects on this type of hot tub. Lay Z spa carry the same warranty across all their hot tub models and are renowned for replacing and repairing if needed. We do advise that you go to the website when your new hot tub arrives, and register your purchase with Lay Z Spa. This extends your warranty up to 2 years.

FAQs about Inflatable Hot Tubs

In this section, we have tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions we get about this model of Lay Z Spa hot tub. Have a read through and, if you still need help, feel free to get in touch.

Q) Do I have to turn the bubbles off to turn the heat on in my inflatable hot tub?

A) Only in certain models. Generally speaking, a mid-range hot tub or above will have dual operation/dual function. A dual operation hot tub provides you with heat and bubbles simultaneously. The St Moritz, from Lay-Z-Spa, has dual operation. Other models that carry this feature include the Saint Tropez, the Cancun, and other models you can find on our site.

Q) Does an inflatable hot tub come with a ground sheet to protect it from damage?

A) Not all inflatable hot tubs come with a ground sheet. However, the St Moritz has an inflatable air pad protector that you place underneath your hot tub. This stops it being damaged by any rocks or debris on the ground. It has the added bonus of making your base even more cushioned, so that you feel that you are walking on air… because you literally are.

What customers liked about the Lay Z Spa St Moritz?

We like to look at other reviews to see how they aligned with our own. In this section, we examine what other customers really liked, and really disliked, about the St Moritz inflatable hot tub.

The Space

There is room for 8 people, or 7 if you want to be comfortable.

The Heat

40 degrees is more than enough for most of us.

The Price

By comparison to the same size and quality of model in a fitted tub, you save £5k+.

The Luxury

What could be better than rushing home from work to slip into a hot tub?

The Simplicity

Easy to set up and simple to get the hang of, the digital control system for this hot tub is smooth and satisfying.

The Build Quality

The German customers have described this model of hot tub as ‘robust’.

The Longevity

Some consumers reported using their St Moritz for more than four years and counting.

What customers didn’t like about the St Moritz?

Similarly, there are those things which other consumers didn’t think on fondly, with regards to the St Moritz hot tub.

The Cleaning

If you don’t do a water change once in a while, it will feel greasy. Keep on top of the chlorination, too.

The Weight

It’s a heavy one, it really will take two people to set up. Remember not to try and move it once it is inflated. Place it in the correct area before you start to set it up or you risk damaging your hot tub.

The Winter

This tub doesn’t come with frost shield so you really do need to take it down in the winter months.


Who is the Lay Z Spa St Moritz hot tub best for?

Last but not least, we asked past consumers who they thought would benefit most from the St Moritz. Between us, we reckon that those looking to rent out hot tubs for big events could use these tubs. If you are entertaining a lot, or have a big family, this hot tub should be more than enough space to cope with it.


The Verdict on the Lay Z Spa St Moritz Inflatable hot tub

We like the St Moritz for those families who are a little bigger than most. If you have three teenagers, you are likely to be able to keep them entertained for life with one of these. If you have smaller children, consider a smaller hot tub, and remember that kids under eight should really be using them. They also shouldn’t be left around hot tubs on their own, for the sake of safety.

We love this tub for the plethora of airjets you have at your disposal. We love that there is room and heat enough for the whole family, that you can add accessories to customise it, and that you have that 2 year warranty – which reassures even the savviest purchaser. We approve of the brand and what they stand for… even if we wish they would find a more environmentally friendly material.

All in all, the St Moritz earns 7 5 star reviews for every ten. We don’t disagree with that, not when the next 20% are four stars or over… Ultimately, though, the decision is yours.

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