MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub – Definitive Review

MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub – Definitive Review


MSPA Alpine


Technically known as the MSPA Alpine Delight Bubble Spa, this is a home hot tub with a difference. Although fully inflatable, this overall design resembles a hot tub that has been built in. It’s smart, chic, suave, and would fit right in at any bachelor pad or family home alike.

But what else does the MSPA Alpine inflatable hot tub have going for it? Is it for indoor or outdoor use? Can I use it in minus temperatures? Find out the answers to these and to a hundred other questions in our MSPA Alpine review.

A Quick Overview of the MSPA Alpine Hot Tub

This oddly shaped tub doesn’t fit into the norms of the round hot tub. The most distinctive feature of the MSPA Alpine hot tub is that it is near silent in running by comparison to other models. The electronics and heater are all inbuilt into the system, which means that it is a lot quieter due to the lack of a generator.

The MSPA Alpine inflatable hot tub is one of the few hot tubs we have come across that incorporates children into its design. It claims that it fits 6 people, with two adults and two children being their preferred number of occupants. This is a no-more than four person hot tub.

The construction of this model is I-beam as usual, but it comes with 132 airjets that will massage you while you are in there. It also has six – that’s six – layers of vinyl to stop it from ripping due to wear and tear. That’s double the best that we have encountered so far.

Oh… Did we mention that it self-inflates? That single feature is enough to set the MSPA Alpine inflatable hot tub stand out against the rest.

The At-A-Glance Facts about the MSPA Alpine

For those in a hurry today, here are the at-a-glance pros and cons about this model of hot tub.

Pros of the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub:

  • It heats to 42 degrees centigrade
  • 6 layers of reinforced rhino-tech PVC mean excellent durability
  • I-beam construction which adds to sturdiness
  • 4-6 person hot tub for indoor or outdoor use
  • 132 dynamic jets of air which give a massaging effect
  • Remote controlled temperature and time periods
  • Self-inflating hot tub that sets up with a button
  • Setup DVD included in the box
  • Good colour, stylish, comes with filters
  • Internal alarm that will beep when it needs filters cleaned or replaced
  • Internal heater which is virtually soundless

Cons of the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub:

  • It cannot be used by unsupervised children – they must always be monitored
  • It takes a while to fill, empty, and/or clean

What do you get in the Box with an MSPA Alpine?

When your MSPA Alpine inflatable hot tub arrives, it will show up with the inner and outer lining in the same box, alongside all of the standard accessories. Some of the parts that arrive with it include the following…

The Lining

The inner and outer lining will both be in the box when it shows up, they will both be different colours. The inside of the MSPA is a light grey colour, which is light enough to look bright and clean while simultaneously being dart enough to disguise any dirt in the water. The outer lining is dark grey to black and looks a lot like dark wood panelling. This provides a chic finish that fits in to most spaces.

The outer lining is made from that tough 6 layer PVC reinforced materials, so you know it will last a long time.

The Inflatable Cover of the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

MSPA Alpine CoverThere is an inflatable cover with this model of hot tub. It comes with four different clasps which should be secured into place when the hot tub is not in use. It will keep debris out of the water, as well as keeping children and animals from falling in and hurting themselves. You should always supervise your children when near the hot tub.

The I-Beam Base

Unlike other hot tubs, the I-beam base of the MSPA Alpine inflatable hot tub is the compartment that houses the heating unit. This allows it to reach the whole hot tub efficiently. The linings will fit into this nicely when it is all set up.

Air Filter Pump

The air filter pump passes air through those 132 air jets, allowing you to receive the special spa massage feeling you have been searching for. Take advantage of this unit, which is built into the tub on one side, as opposed to similar models which has the digital control panel as a separate unit.

A Wired Remote Control for the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

MSPA Alpine Luxury Control PanelA controller that attaches to the unit with a wire, is what will help you set the temperature and length of time you want to soak for in your hot tub. That same remote control can be used as a timer and sits neatly in one of many inlaid pockets on the side of the hot tub… which are exactly the right size for your phone, sunglasses, and something to read.

A Ground Buckle Mat

Instead of the imitation leather lids which we are used to seeing, a ground buckle mat with a lid is provided on the MSPA Alpine hot tub. This inflatable pool for your house has this cover underneath the hot tub when set up, it contains 8 clips so you can attach the top and bottom to one another for a more secure fit. It is vital that the lid is kept on when the hot tub is not in use – for the purposes of your family’s safety.

A Filter Cartridge

You will receive both a filter cartridge and a cartridge base, which the new cartridges slide into. Once both are in place, water passes through the filter, which catches any dust, dirt, or debris that might have ended up in your hot tub. You should wash the filter out once in a while to make it last longer, but this hot tub beeps at you to tell you that it is time to buy a new one. They don’t cost much.

An Attachment for your Hose

One of the few hot tub manufacturers in the UK to include an attachment to adapt your hose; the MSPA Alpine hot tub is a dream to set up. This part means that your hose can easily run into your hot tub to fill it up. You can only start heating the water when it is amply full, so get that hose on full blast!


Kind of, at least. The MSPA Alpine home hot tub contains a DVD that should talk you through the harder parts of the relatively simple set up process. You also receive an owner’s manual that covers all of the other information you may need to know about.


It’s not really even shaped like a wrench, but this part is the tool used to put the rest of the parts together. It looks a lot like a door handle.

There is a lot in the box with the MSPA Alpine inflatable hot tub for your home. We note that it doesn’t come with a chemical dispenser though, which is something you may want to pick up as an accessory from the MSPA online store.

The MSPA Brand…

That’s M-spa, for those of you who have been reading letters out this whole time. The MSPA Alpine is one of twenty models plus that this firm offers. They aim to be a market leader in inflatable spa technology and, to reach this end, hold around 110 different patents on hot tub technology.

MPSA is a little different than other inflatable hot tub firms. Their focus seems to be less on the ‘fun’ of having a home hot tub, and more on the elegance of it all. Their spas are classical, good looking, and focus entirely on the experience created when you slip into one.

MSPA are driven by enhancing technology in a way that we can all benefit from. They are able to create fairly high-end models of inflatable hot tub – especially when it comes to those six layers of PVC on the outer tubing, which adds extra-tough protection against damage.

Another thing that sets them apart is their attention to the family. Children are often mentioned in the descriptions they use, making them a more family-friendly firm than you might think at first.

MSPA Alpine: Unboxing and Setup

When you have it in position, take each of the components out. For now, the first thing you are going to want is the setup DVD and owner’s manual. Take them out, play the DVD and read through the instructions.

You should be able to self-inflate the hot tub by laying the liner out flat and turning the air pump on. This should take no more than twenty minutes to fully inflate. You should place the ground sheet on the floor with the I-beam and the lining on top. Start to inflate it and step back to give it space to grow.

Once your hot tub has been fully inflated, it should be ready to start filling it with water. Once done, you can set the temperature and leave it overnight. After about 12 hours, it will be hot enough for you to get into. We suggest that you set it up on the day you get it, and it will be ready for the following morning. We also advise that it can take longer than you think to fully fill the hot tub, since water pressure can be poor in some areas.

Features of the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

The MSPA Alpine bubbling hot tub comes with several great features. Where it excels however, are in some of those standout features.

Special Features:

  • Heats to 42 degrees centigrade, which is about five degrees warmer than the majority of people like it to be. This hot tub is suited to those for whom a normal hot tub isn’t hot enough.
  • Buckling cover that helps it connect and keep everyone safe, connects via 8 clips.
  • 132 air jets that can be set to massage your body as you lie and relax there.
  • Holds 930 litres – a fair size
  • 6 layers of PVC make for a durable, long-lasting liner.
  • Built-in alarm system that tells you when the filters need changing.
  • Wired controller, so you can set the time, temp, bubbles, and all else.

The MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub for Home Buyer’s Guide

Before you all rush out and buy a MSPA Alpine inflatable hot tub, we reviewed some of the things that you ought to look out for. By highlighting the best bits, we hope you make a better informed decision.

Dimensions of the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

The MSPA Alpine inflatable hot tub should be kept in a space that is at least two metres larger than the hot tub itself. It stands at 185 cm long and wide and is 68 cm tall. It fills with water to the tune of 930 litres, which weighs about the same in kilograms, give or take a few.

For the reason of weight of the water when filled, you should make sure that your flooring can hold the weight strain of more than 900 kgs. It is this strain that makes most people keep their hot tub outside as opposed to indoors. The garage is a preferred place as the floor tends to be concrete. Be sure to take a look at out Inflatable Hot Tub size comparison article!

Colour of the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

The inner lining of the MSPA inflatable hot tub for your home is a striking silvery grey. The inner lining of a home hot tub is usually a light colour because this makes for easier to detect dirt and debris, as well as not being white so that it disguises at least some of the dirt.

On the other hand, the outer lining of the MSPA hot tub is a dark grey. This is so deep as to almost resemble treated wood. the overall effect of this is to make your inflatable hot tub look like a wooden model that has been built in. It does this in a suave way that manages to look somehow more expensive than a wooden one might.

Indoor/Outdoor MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

The MSPA Alpine Delight 4-6 person inflatable hot tub for your home can be used in the house or in the garden. Wherever you place it, make sure that the floor is strong enough to support it. You should also make sure that there is plenty of airflow around it, and that you keep it covered when it is not in use.

Digital Control Panel of the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

There is a digital control panel but, unlike other inflatable hot tubs, there is no visible pump attachment. The control panel is usually located on this unit, which houses the air pump, massage jets and heater. The MSPA Alpine doesn’t have this. Instead, the control is by way of a wired controller, which allows you to tune both times and temperatures, as well as setting a timer to make sure your hot tub is toasty for when you get in from work!


There are two points we want to make about the temperature of the MSPA Alpine. The first is that it contains anti-ice technology, which means it won’t malfunction if you have an accident and forget to put it away in a frost. If you are planning on a tub for leaving out all winter long, we suggest a winter-specific home hot tub.

The second thing we want to comment on is that maximum temperature. In most hot tub reviews we have come across, the hot tub only goes as high as 40 degrees centigrade. The MSPA Alpine goes to 42 degrees, instead. If you have had a hot tub before and found the temperature could have gone up a bit, this is the one you want to try next.

Most people seem to be satisfied with a temperature of 35-36 degrees, so 40 is usually enough. It is a rare type of person that sits in a 42 degree hot tub… but that shouldn’t stop you trying.

Safety Features

The MSPA Alpine home hot tub comes with a heating cut off that means it will never overheat. Once it hits the 42 degrees centigrade point, it will either hold this temperature as instructed to, or it will cut off.

They specify that children should not be left alone in or around the hot tub. Even if you have them on a booster seat and above the water level. The manufacturer advises that children under the age of ten shouldn’t be in the hot tub, at all. This is because a 42 degree hot tub is far too hot for young skin.

The manufacturer also advises that you keep your hot tub covered when not in use, to stop anyone from falling in.

Warranty and Guarantees for the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

We couldn’t find any guarantees but there is an opt-in warranty if you register your new hot tub with MSPA. Any warranty will cover parts and problems with the build – but not anything that you destroyed. Be mindful to take care of your product.

Bonus Features

The bonus feature on the MSPA Alpine Delight comes in the form of near-silent running. They adapted their own tech to make this one of the quietest inflatable hot tubs on the market. If you are looking for a silent model that won’t wake anyone if you hop into it at midnight, the MSPA Alpine delight inflatable hot tub might be the best one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

In this section, we put together some of the most commonly asked questions about the MSPA Alpine inflatable hot tub. Before contacting the manufacturer with questions, see if we haven’t already answered your query in the ranks below.

Q) How long does it take you to fill the MSPA Alpine hot tub?

A) It can take anything between fifteen minutes and an hour to fully fill the MSPA Alpine. The good news is that it will inflate in fifteen minutes without you having to blow it up, so take the negatives with the positive.

Q) How long does it take to heat up an inflatable hot tub?

A) If you set up your home hot tub on the same day as it arrives, plug it in and leave it overnight. When you wake up in the morning it will be warm enough to sit in, and by the time you come home from work it will have reached maximum temperature. This might seem like a long time, but it is, in fact, average for any inflatable model of hot tub.

The actual heating rate of the MSPA Alpine Delight is between 1.2 and 1.8 degrees per hour.

Q) Do I need an extension cable for a home hot tub?

A) Not always, but the MSPA Alpine Delight home hot tub has a lead of only 2 metres long. This means that you will need an extension cable if you want to run it outdoors, and that you will need a waterproof one.

Q) How long does the filter last?

A) About 6 weeks according to experienced users. You can replace them for less than ten pounds. You can pick up PH regulator for around £40, but this should last you about a year, depending on the size of the bottle.

What Customers Love about the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

Moving on, we detailed the things clients loved most about the MSPA Alpine Delight inflatable hot tub for your home. These have been taken from Amazon reviewers who have owned the product as verified purchasers.

The Simplicity

The MSPA is easy to use from the moment it arrives. It sets up simply, it inflates on its own, it fills and then it heats. It couldn’t be easier unless someone did it for you!

The Speed

Asides from the ten minute inflation and heating, multiple clients reported the delivery time was much faster than expected. Some received their hot tub within three days of ordering.

The Silence

Nobody likes to buy a hot tub and be unable to relax in it because of the noise of the motor. The MSPA Alpine Delight inflatable hot tub for your home or garden bypasses this with super-quiet technology.

The Anti-Ice

When you have a great night with friends, have a few drinks, and fall into bed, the last thing you want is to wake up to a frozen hot tub that doesn’t work anymore. The anti-ice tech prevents mistakes like this from costing you hundreds.

The Durability

Multiple consumers reported having this item for years on end. When properly taken care of, there is no reason why your MSPA Alpine can’t last you for a decade.

The Running Cost

One client in particular reported they live in Malta, where gas and electric are incredibly expensive. They still run the hot tub for a cheap enough rate.

The Cleaning

Usually, cleaning is a negative. The filter in this hot tub is extremely well placed and made and should keep your pool exceptionally clean for longer.

The Maintenance

Consumers report this hot tub takes minimal maintenance, including having quick cleaning and refilling.

The Brand

Some consumers report coming back to this brand for their second hot tub, which is always a great sign about how reliable a product is.

What Customers Disliked about the MSPA Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

Similarly, there were a few things that kept coming up in the negative category. Here are some of the things other customers didn’t quite like as much about the MSPA Alpine Delight.

The Clips

You can catch your skin if you are not careful. One reviewer asked if the designers could change the way the clips work to something easier to work.

The Warranty

If you don’t register with the firm, you won’t get one. There is an easy solve to this.


What’s our Verdict on the MSPA Alpine Hot Tub?


All in all, we were suitably impressed by the build quality and silent running of this model. It holds a good number of people and is capable of holding your whole family at once… or some of your friends for a hot tub party. It cleans easy, goes up quickly, and heats at a relatively fast rate. We love the colour and finish of it, too. You wouldn’t be disappointed to have to look out of your window and see it in your garden.

We would recommend this home inflatable hot tub to those who want something quiet. We would additionally recommend it to anyone who finds that the traditional 40 degrees centigrade hot tub isn’t hot enough. Whoever buys it; however, they are likely to have a darned good time all summer long… and even a little into winter, too.

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