MSPA Glow Luxury Inflatable Hot Tub- Ultimate Review

MSPA Glow Luxury

MSPA Glow Luxury Inflatable Hot Tub- Ultimate Review


Welcome to the definitive review of the MSPA Glow Luxury Inflatable Hot Tub. The word spa brings up images of relaxing days filled with mud baths, meditation, fragrance of eucalyptus oils and various other natural elements. Most people undertake spa therapies or treatments simply to unwind and relax. The word spa originated from a Latin word “Spargere” which means moisten or sprinkle. During the primeval period, it was believed that bathing in mineral springs or holy rivers resulted in spiritual and physical purification.

It was a tradition amongst the Asian and Roman Kings to submerge themselves in hot water tubs, saunas or mud baths after a session of combat exercises. After the Second World War ‘spa therapy’ became popular in the United States and Europe as a therapy for injuries and pain during the recovery period. However, nowadays spa therapies are commonplace, providing a holistic experience and promoting healthy living.

MSPA Glow LED Lights

Taking time out to relax and rejuvenate is essential for a healthy living. With our busy lifestyles we have to look for various spa options where we can pamper ourselves. What if we get one such option at home with our very own inflatable hot tub? A hot tub spa has therapeutic benefits, apart from bringing physical stress relief it also helps in calming the muscle pain.

The soothing warm water makes it ideal for the body to relax as the hot water massage relieves the tense and tight muscles. It is also believed that immersing in hot water raises the body temperature and hence improves the blood circulation in the body. Soaking in warm water can also help in reducing headaches and anxiety levels. An inflatable hot tub can also help in inducing a restful sleep for people who suffer from insomnia.

However, regular visits to a luxury salon or spa can quickly become an expensive affair. Plus, installing a Jacuzzi at home could also be a quite a headache as you will have to modify your bathroom for it. How wonderful it would be to install a Jacuzzi spa at home at fraction of a cost without breaking anything. Now there is a chance to enjoy all these by owning an inflatable Jacuzzi instead.

One such product which you may not resist to buy during any time of the year is the latest MSPA Glow Luxury indoor/ outdoor round inflatable hot tub. This glow model brings you a luxury spa treatment at home at an attractive price. The eco-friendly inflatable hot tub has LED lighting which makes the experience very soothing and relaxing. Let’s look at some of its features:

MSPA Glow Cover

    1. The MSPA inflatable Jacuzzi can be placed either indoors or outdoors.
    2. It comes with a ground sheet so as to protect bottom of the tub from getting damaged by stones or any uneven rough surface.
    3. It also comes with a cover so as to maintain the essential heat and to prevent any debris from falling into the water. It also acts as a safety cover to prevent children from accidentally gaining access to the water.
    4. The package also consists of a filter, manometer, garden hose adapter, digital clock, self-inflation hose and LED light strip.
    5. A gentle light is diffused through the tub which takes the spa experience to another level.
    6. It has a built-in inflation pump with Whisper Quite design.
    7. The tub works on PTC ceramic heating technology and can heat up to 42 degrees.
    8. The dimensions of the tub are 71 inches in width and 28 inches in height.

It is recommended that when making a decision one should always weigh the pros and cons of the inflatable tub in question.

MSPA Glow Luxury: Pros

        • Owning a hot tub gives you a huge cost saving since you make a one-time investment and can use the product for a long time, as compared to visiting a spa salon where the fees are charged for every visit. Also when compared to a hard built in hot tub, it is far more affordable.
        • As these tubs are inflatable, thus making them portable, you can take them anywhere you want. For example, you can keep the hot tub outdoors on the patio during summer and can keep it inside during winter season.
        • In case you want to use it seasonally or for only half of the year, these tubs can be shut down and stored easily.
        • They are sturdy and have extra cushioning for improved comfort.

MSPA Glow Luxury: Cons

        • These spa tubs have electric heaters and hence take more time to heat up.



MSPA Glow Luxury: Our Veredict



MSPA Glow is a good round luxury inflatable hot tub and works well both indoors and outdoors. The tub is well priced at £500 and is available at Amazon with free delivery in the UK. The Jacuzzi hot tub is easy to set up and can be assembled in just 10 minutes by following the instruction DVD or the manual enclosed with the product. It is also one of the hottest inflatable Jacuzzi spas that can heat up to 42 degrees Celsius, which is equivalent to almost 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

The PTC ceramic technology, which is used for heating, manages to efficiently provide the desired temperature for the best Jacuzzi experience. The temperature settings can be adjusted according to your requirements. The most enchanting feature of this tub is the LED lighting system which is very effective at creating a soothing atmosphere, as well as being very energy efficient. The lights, which are diffused in the tub, make spa therapy a great experience.

We can also say that the lighting effect makes the tub perfect for spa theme based parties. Overall it is an environment friendly product and hence it is not hazardous to nature. The product comes well equipped with everything that people may require to make the setup work at their homes. So go ahead and experience this luxurious Jacuzzi hot tub spa treatment in the comfort of your home, with the MSPA Glow.

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