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Lay Z Spa Monaco Inflatable Hot Tub Reviewed

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UPDATE 17th APRIL: Due to the large increase in demand for inflatable hot tubs during this crisis, the only model from the Lay Z Spa range that is currently in stock is the Siena.

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The Bestway Monaco 8 Person Lay Z Spa is one of the largest lazy spa hot tubs in the range, making it absolutely perfect for big families. This offering from the manufacturer, Bestway, certainly lives up to the great reputation that the other models in the range have earned, in terms of both elegance and style. The Monaco is, in fact, as close as you can get to a stationary hot tub without the price tag, whilst still offering the added functionality and portability. Yet again, Bestway have produced a well built and beautifully designed inflatable hot tub.


The Lay-Z-Spa Monaco’s size is revolutionary in comparison to the other inflatable tubs on the market today. Due to it’s thinner (yet still highly durable) walls, the amount of water it contains amounts to a very impressive 1,540 litres. This tub is the perfect choice for larger families, or those with an active social life and large group of friends, as it can comfortably accommodate 6 fully grown adults. The thinner walls mean that the Monaco comes in at only 5cm larger than the Vegas, which can hold far fewer people at any one time. This means that, for the size (2.01cm), you get a lot more for your money and a lot more room for relaxing with friends and family after a long day. This also means that the Monaco is a great space-saving option for those with smaller gardens because, despite the greatly increased capacity, you can still fit it comfortably in the smallest outdoor spaces, thanks to these thin outer walls.

Lay-Z-Spa Monaco Capacity


The Monaco, like other tubs in the Lay-Z-Spa range, heats up to a very comfortable 40 degrees celsius. Because this inflatable hot tub has such a large water capacity, heating the water to this temperate can take quite a while. The manufacturer claims that the tub heats at a rate of approximately 2 degrees per hour but, depending upon outdoor conditions, this can drop to as slow as 1 degree per hour. A handy tip that we have come up with, which is suitable for all makes and models, is to use the hot tap when filling the tub with water, which helps kick start the heating process. Using a conventional garden hose, getting your tub to a relaxing 35 degrees can take anywhere between 17-30 hours but remember, there are no rules against jumping in for a quick dip whilst the pump is still heating the water, although obviously we do recommend waiting for the water to hit the optimum temperate first, if you want to get maximum enjoyment.

Once the tub has heated fully, it seems to retain the heat very well indeed and can stay in the high 30’s for about 4 hours, which should be more than enough time to feel the benefits of the theraputic massage jets. Lastly, unless you leave the tub off for extended periods of time, you can rest assured that the water won’t dip below 20 degrees, making the job of heating it up again much easier. The trick with all of these inflatable hot tubs is to use them often, which is certainly not a chore for most people!


Lay-Z-Spa Monaco Control Panel

The Monaco, like other tubs in this range, is a doddle to set-up. In the box you will find a handy DVD, which gives you clear instructions on how to get it up and running. You’ll be pleased to learn that you don’t need any previous experience with this sort of product, or special tools of any kind, to set it up in your garden or indoor space. All you have to do is simply plug in the air pump to inflate the walls and lid and then fill the tub using the garden hose. Bestway, the manufacturer, claim it only takes 10 minutes from start to finish but this obviously depends on how much water you want to fill it with, as well as the pace of your hose. The Monaco has a digital control panel, which is where you can set your desired temperate and make any adjustments, as well as monitor the heating process. Now, because this tub is easy to set up and takes hardly any time at all, it makes it extremely transportable. This means that you can pack it up, ship it to a friend or relatives house, reinflate and start the party all over again!


Due to the very nature of inflatable hot tubs, safety is always a big concern amongt consumers and this is the reason why we have included some information relating to this subject. Firstly, the inflatable lid is a handy safety feature because it stops small children and pets from easily climbing into the water, which can lead to serious accidents. However, even though this can help reassure those with children, it should in no way be used as a replacement for adult supervision around this product. This lid also has the added benefit of stopping insects, as well as other debris, from falling into the water and also helps reduce heat loss. Lastly, the fact that the water cannot be heated above the recommended of 40 degrees celsius means you don’t have to worry about any horrible scalding accidents.

Build Quality

Despite having thinner walls, the Monaco is no less sturdy than its chunkier counterparts, meaning you can relax with your body fully reclined against the walls, without fearing a cave-in of any kind. There were some initial complains with this model relating to the amount of noise the water pump produced but fortunately this has been fixed and the new operating volume is within acceptable levels. This tub comes in a lovely blue neutral colour that will not look out of place either inside of outside of your home. However, if you should wish to change it up a bit with the visual appearance, you can also purchase one in grey.

The sides of the Monaco are puncuture resistant but we find this hard to believe, mainly because Bestway have included a puncuture repair kit in the box. We do happen to think that it would be extremely difficult to spring a leak, due to the toughness of the material used, but it is great to have this kit in a draw, just in case it does happen.


The Lay-Z-Spa Monaco is impressive in size, appearance and functionality. The manufacturer have come up with a truly innovative way of increasing the size of this tub, without vastly increasing its total footprint, allowing users to make more use of their garden space and get more “tub” or their money. This makes it a perfect inflatable hot tub for large familes and big parties.